Today's Opinions

  • A tribute to John Pitcher

    One of the few remaining men of “The Greatest Generation” has gone to his final reward and leaves a void in the Hillsville‑Galax community. We have lost an outstanding citizen.
    John K. Pitcher died at his home on Gladesboro Road on Jan. 19.
    A veteran of World War II, he served in the 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army for three years and saw active duty in Germany.
    He was a Master Gardener and grew flowers and a variety of trees which he donated to beautify the Hillsville‑Galax area. The fruits of his efforts may be seen in many places here.

  • Steele preserves history

    Kudos to Shirley Harmon Steele for preparing a history of Woodlawn School from 1878 to 2013 and sharing it with the community and former students. What a gift she has given us!
    Shirley is sharing a wealth of information and photos. She has spent countless hours gathering information and photos and assembling the CDs about the history of the school and the students who have attended it.
    Shirley donated all proceeds from the CDs for the benefit of Woodlawn Middle School students. CDs are available for purchase at Woodlawn Middle School during school hours.

  • Is Roe vs. Wade to be mourned or celebrated?

    On Jan. 22, the citizens of this nation either mourned or celebrated the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Few issues in our country’s history have divided us so.
    For an example, look no further than myself. I am 16, and I firmly believe that abortion is the greatest evil of our country. But many girls my age or younger have had or will soon have an abortion, and fiercely defend their right to do so.
    The difference between us is not our parents, education, or friends. It runs much deeper.

  • A caution about Facebook

    Sad but true. Fools’ names, like their faces, are always found in public places. Your satisfaction comes from your belief that you can deceive others as you’ve deceived yourself.
    This is accomplished by your relationship with handchosen friends with similar kind of thought as you.
    You are now able to enjoy the fiddler but realize that soon there will come a time that he must be paid. There are honorable methods of communicating with God that you have chosen to obey not.
    You are simply using Facebook to develop a friendship of the world.

  • Animal shelter policies questioned

    So, let me get this straight. The animal shelter manager was unaware that the Humane Society was interested in a specific dog.
    This same dog that they promptly euthanized was pictured the weekend before in The Gazette. One would think that they would keep dogs that have been featured in the paper for as long as possible.
    The shelter claims it had to make space for seven dogs that were “supposedly” being turned in to the shelter. We need specific answers from the shelter manager.

  • Discover Woodlawn School's history

    I would like for all local citizens to know about an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the history of Woodlawn School.
    Because this is the last year for Woodlawn School to be in existence, it was appropriate for a former student and graduate of Woodlawn High School to delve into the  history of the school.
    Shirley Steele, class of 1959, has compiled a three-CD PowerPoint of pictures and information about Woodlawn School from1878 to 2013.

  • Family thanks community

     The family of Audrey Hope Gillespie would like to extend heartfelt thanks for the kindness and generosity extended during Sunday’s [Feb. 3] benefit held at First Baptist Church in Galax. The response and attendance was very uplifting.
    To the many individuals, businesses, churches, musicians and volunteers who contributed, as well as the hundreds who attended, we say “thank you!”
    The family would especially like to extend gratitude to First Baptist Church of Galax for hosting the benefit.

  • Changes needed at animal shelter

    I am an eighteen year resident of Carroll County. In those years my family has adopted three wonderful pets from the shelter in Galax.
    The high kill rate at the shelter has been a long time concern of mine. Happily, in the last year the kill rate has dropped. The local humane society has been able to take advantage of the new transfer policy now in place at the shelter. Many, many adoptable animals have found good homes thanks to that policy.