Today's Opinions

  • Health center thanks officials for help

    Fries Community Health Care found itself in a rather complex predicament and turned to our elected representatives for assistance.
    Our representatives are extremely aware of the healthcare concerns and needs of Southwest Virginia.
    Their expertise and diligence was evident in their unwavering support in solving the problems of a small business.
    We do not believe we could have been successful in resolving our issue without their aid.

  • Doctor's care was a blessing

    Many things have changed so much in our world. We have to hear of terrible things in our news every day.
    When hard things come to us, it’s then when we find out how blessed we are to live in such a special place.
    My father had been very sick and passed away on Oct. 16. The care he received by Dr. Len Lastinger and his nurse Stacy was nurturing and with love and respect for his every wish.
    All of the other staff in that office, Donna Galyean, Anna Leonard, Valerie Vaughan, Nancy Ball and Ruthie are all angels.

  • Support homegrown foods

    It took a bunch of fancy-pants outsiders to get some homegrown food into Independence at the farmers’ market, and I say “good for them.”
    I’m old enough to remember what food from my granny’s garden tasted like, and it was way better than Walmart stuff.
    Local food doesn’t travel hundreds of miles and sit on a shelf. It’s fresher and more wholesome.

  • Students seeking Virginia info

    The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary School in southern Illinois is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources and highlights found in each region.
    The kids in the class think it would be fun to receive postcards, souvenirs, resources or any information about our country from each of the 50 states.
    We hope that people who read this letter will be interested in mailing items pertaining to their state. Our address is 4th Grade @ Aviston Elementary, 350 South Hull Street, Aviston, Illinois 62216.

  • Trooper's mother thanks community for support

    To all those who shared their support, sympathy, and love in the death of our beloved State Trooper Andrew Fox, we say thank you from the depths of our hearts.
    We were moved beyond words [during the funeral procession] at the sight of all those who lined the highways and overpasses, hands over hearts, saluting, holding flags and signs, as we took him home to Summerfield.
    The images of this day, including that of the remarkable Lane Snow, young Webelo Scout from Pack 810 at Woodlawn, are a gift we will hold in our memories the rest of our lives.

  • Obama has earned second term

    Some are urging voters to take a chance on Mitt Romney. I beg to differ, particularly since innuendo and dishonesty are often substituted for valid reasons.
    It’s a shame well-meaning persons can stray so far from the truth.
    It’s true Romney has provided only scant tax records while President Obama has released 12 full years.  Yet Romney’s net worth is guessed to be more than $230 million.  President Obama’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.

  • 9th District candidates differ greatly

    The two candidates for the 9th district seat, Morgan Griffith and Anthony Flaccavento, are far apart in their outlook and ideology.
    What does Griffith represent? He voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program for future recipients.
    The bill included a decreasing scale that would mean more out-of-pocket expense for us each year as we age, up to $6,000 per year. AARP urges against this plan!
    We also remember one of Griffith’s primary goals in life is to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. So much for clean air and clean water!

  • Candidate supports return to basics

    Anthony Flaccavento, candidate for the 9th District to represent us in Congress, has demonstrated that communities can thrive and even prosper by returning to the basics of life by encouraging people to enhance the soil, grow their own food without toxic chemicals and share the abundance with those less fortunate.
    He is collecting food for food banks in his campaign offices.