Today's Opinions

  • Adopt a pet, save a life

    Someone wants to save a pet’s life, but does not want a pet.
    He donates the adoption fee to the animal shelter.
    Someone wants to adopt a pet but cannot afford the start up cost.
    The donated fee is applied to the adoption.
    The donor wins. He saves a life.
    The adopting family wins. It gains a loving pet.
    The pet wins. It gets a home.
    Win, win, win.
    Bonnie Campbell

  • School officers an invaluable resource

    For Twin County parents, it might be hard to understand the national debate about placing armed police officers in schools. To many, it probably seems an obvious, proven and effective security measure.
    Schools in Carroll, Grayson and Galax have had resource officers at high schools for years, and this arrangement has been praised by educators, law enforcement, parents and even students. The program is now expanding to elementary schools after the deadly Newtown, Conn., school shootings of 2012.

  • Health care is extortion

    To be forced by intimidation and undue power to pay a gross overcharge. That is “extortion” defined.
    Mobsters go to jail for it. But the health care system in America has a license to do it with impunity. It’s like doing business with the “mob,” except the mob wouldn’t stick it to you that bad.

  • Firefighters need our help

    On Jan. 26, I was looking at my mail and found a letter from the Galax Volunteer Fire Department asking for donations to help with the expense of running the department.
    I told my wife we need to send them a check, as they do a good job for the city and county.

  • Golf game isn't newsworthy

    Breaking news: President Obama and Tiger Woods on the golf course. The news media shut out.
    What does this matter to the ones out there struggling to make a living, pay bills, put food on the table and keep the family together?
    Now the president and Congress are at loggerheads over spending cuts, taxes and sequestration threat that would threaten national security, food inspections, military and more.
    Obama’s little speech to Congress and the American people didn’t bring much hope or reassure one to the many problems this country faces.

  • Strength Team visit praised

    I would like to say that the Strength Team did an outstanding job visiting schools and churches Feb. 6-10, sharing the message of Christ with the community.
    Seeing all the people who went up and accepted Christ as their Savior was great.
    I would like to thank all the schools and churches who allowed them to perform and share their testimony. I would also like to thank David McCall and his organization for getting the Strength Team to come to our area.

  • Family advocates address state's criticism of training center reports

    By Jane Powell, CVTC Families and Friends Inc., and Peter Kinzler,  NVTC Parents and Associates. Powell and Kinzler are members of parent groups fighting the proposed closure of state-run facilities for the intellectually disabled, like the Southwestern Virginia Training Center in Carroll.

  • A tribute to John Pitcher

    One of the few remaining men of “The Greatest Generation” has gone to his final reward and leaves a void in the Hillsville‑Galax community. We have lost an outstanding citizen.
    John K. Pitcher died at his home on Gladesboro Road on Jan. 19.
    A veteran of World War II, he served in the 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army for three years and saw active duty in Germany.
    He was a Master Gardener and grew flowers and a variety of trees which he donated to beautify the Hillsville‑Galax area. The fruits of his efforts may be seen in many places here.