Today's Opinions

  • Donors help improve athletic facilities

    As many of you know, the Grayson Football and Wrestling Club has partnered with the school system and the county in an effort to improve the athletic facilities at the high school. Currently, you can see the results of these efforts with a newly renovated athletic field.
    The cost of the project is approximately $60,000. Our commitment is one-third of that. We are currently working to meet our obligation.

  • Tourism a result of regional effort

    On Oct. 1 you ran an article, “Regional tourism project gets $34,000 marketing grant.” In that same issue you published a Hotline call titled “Team Building” in which the caller criticized Grayson County for “riding on Carroll County’s coattails.”
    I could not disagree more with this caller and I’d like to set the record straight.
    This grant had three partners: Grayson County, Carroll County and the Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation (of which I am vice president).

  • Littrell has worked hard for county

    Citizens in Carroll County will have the opportunity to vote for their supervisor in the Pipers Gap District at the upcoming election.
    I encourage everyone to exercise the freedom to vote. My support is for Tom Littrell.
    He has been a part of this board and has made significant growth for our county. He has showed leadership and also worked with other county and state employees to further the goals for our county.
    We have always found him to be fair on all levels. Our son became an Eagle Scout under Doc’s leadership as his Scout Master.

  • McCraw endorsed for Pipers Gap seat

    Both Pipers Gap District candidates for supervisor are active in the community and in their churches, and both have prioritized economic development and job creation.
    They differ greatly, however, in the way they believe that the business of the county should be conducted.
    Robbie McCraw has campaigned on the promise of a more open and transparent government, with greater citizen communication and involvement.

  • State, nation need stronger leadership

    In response to the tragedy where a mentally-disturbed gunman killed 12 people at a naval shipyard in D.C. — here again, pain and sorrow are felt where a system is broken in more ways than one.
    The excuse this time was budget cuts by the Pentagon in security of our military bases.
    The political climate in nothing but shameful and disgusting.
    The president goes on speaking tours talking from both ends of the mouth. Congress cares more about vacations, running off at the mouth and name-calling.

  • Rosenbaum only choice for Wilson District

    Glen “Eddie” Rosenbaum should be the only choice for Grayson County supervisor that Wilson District voters think of when it’s time to cast their vote.
    Not only does he care about the beauty of the land, but he wants to make it a place more people want to move to and bring jobs to.
    Rosenbaum knows how to run a business and he plans on bringing the basics of running a business back to our county. He knows that you can’t spend more money than you take in and that the books need to be balanced to survive.

  • Haga qualified to serve as treasurer

    The race to succeed Fields Young Jr. as Grayson County treasurer is crowded. Voters have to decide who among the candidates is best qualified to manage the important work of the treasurer’s office.
    One candidate, Paula Carrico, is the wife of Grayson’s state senator and sister of the present county administrator. And another, Stephanie Brewer, is the wife of a county supervisor. Yet, does either have the qualifications to manage the treasurer’s office?

  • Carroll needs a more open government

    It appears Tom Littrell, as chairman of the Carroll County Public Service Authority, has used his position with the authority and board of supervisors member to — without any public discussion or direction from either the authority or board — answer Mr. Brooke’s report on the Fancy Gap Sewer Project.
    There is no public record of the board or authority requesting that he respond.
    Quite frankly, I have a hard time understanding when one can appoint himself to a position within the county and call it an open form of government.