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  • Letters to the Editor for 5/19/08


    I am responding to the April 18 story “Grayson’s teacher recruiting goes international.”

    First, I have to ask a few question about the information presented. Why was the school board informed of Mr. Newman’s trip to the Philippines after the fact?

    Does Mr. Newman think the problem with recruitment could possibly be the inadequate pay scale for Grayson County teachers?

  • A safe and sensible solution

    People shocked by the fatal December 2007 accident involving a propane explosion in Fries quickly started asking “why?”

    As in: Why didn’t a propane tank in the busy business district of Fries surrounded by some kind of barrier, to protect the tank from a vehicle accidentally rolling down the incline above it?

  • Letters to the Editor for Week of 1/28/08


    In response to The Gazette’s Jan. 21 editorial regarding the aircraft ban ordinance, as I pointed out at numerous town meetings, an aircraft ban would only force the use of chemicals into other dispensing methods.

    The real issue, not being addressed, is the use of chemicals. Available information is not being researched. Faulty information, produced by the chemical companies, is followed as fact.

  • Aircraft ban won't fly

    Independence Town Council should have done more research into the alleged effects of pesticide spraying before considering an ordinance creating a “no-fly zone” over the town, which indirectly prohibits such spraying. The code would ban aircraft from flying under 1,000 feet above the town.

    Legally, it appears that the town has the right to do it, but is that decision based on fact or fear?

  • Letters to the Editor for Week of 1/21/08


    Feb. 12, 2008, has been set aside as an election day for presidential primaries.

    This is a day when your vote, as your voice, will be heard by the candidates as we go to our polling places.

    Our nation is facing some serious choices, same as we, as we consider, and pray, over our choice of a presidential candidate.

    Please remember that your one vote does count, and vote in this important election.

    Imogene Henley

    Legislative Chairman,

    Ladies Auxiliary

  • Don't let state go to the dogs

    Proposed state legislation on companion animal breeders would make more work for animal control officers, but it seems like a simple and common sense way to address the problems that the Humane Society of the United States documented at Virginia operations that kept animals in less-than-healthy conditions.

    Animal control officers around the state would be responsible for regular inspections of breeding facilities.

  • Letters to the Editor for Week of 1-14-08


    In response to recent Hotline calls regarding the number of people employed in the Grayson County Administrator’s Office and the gender of the employees, I find it necessary to offer an explanation of each employee’s responsibilities and duties.

    First of all, the number of men that report directly to the Grayson County Administrator is 21. The number of women employees is four.