Today's Opinions

  • Urge state to restore library funding

    I urge all citizens to contact their representatives in the Virginia General Assembly and ask them to support the budget amendment restoring the governor’s proposed 2 percent cut in state aid to public libraries.
    The cut would reduce statewide funding for libraries by $295,436 for each of the next two years.
    Our public libraries provide a vital service to our communities, one that is especially important in filling the educational and research needs of rural communities such as Grayson County, where I live.

  • Rural areas need libraries' services

    To Our Members of the General Assembly:
    I am writing on behalf of the Friends of the Grayson County Public Library about the proposed reduction in state funding for Virginia libraries.
    As a volunteer community organization we are concerned about maintaining services in our local Wythe-Grayson Regional Library System as well as statewide.

  • Are supervisors listening to voters?

    Last November, Carroll voters expressed a clear desire for change. Three of the five contested supervisor races were won by challengers, and the challengers won by a remarkable average margin of 25 percent, while the two contested incumbents who were re-elected had just 8 percent margins.
    With the reconstituted board seated, Carroll citizens can only hope that their message was heard.

  • An obligation to help less fortunate

    Maybe there’s some hope for Grayson County, after all.
    The three new members of the Grayson Board of Supervisors show definite signs of caring about other people. The courthouse board room was filled with 30 or 40 of us — many of them supporters from Providence and Oldtown — when the board held a work session Jan. 19 to review our much-debated solid waste ordinance.

  • Corporations threaten democracy

    Our approval rating for Congress is at its lowest in our history. Our representatives and corporations are leading us in a race to the bottom.
    Consider the fact that we have fallen from number one in education to 15th. Education is crucial to a democracy’s success.

  • Waddell moved by stage dedication

    I would like to thank everyone for the dedication of the open-air theater in the dell behind the Galax Public Library.
    To have the theater named in my honor was beyond my expectations. I am proud, and at the same time, humbled, by the honor, since so many of my friends were instrumental in the conception, initiation and actualization of the Galax Theater Guild and its many productions.

  • Keep focus on our children's future

    We seem concerned with ourselves as parents and grandparents and less concerned about our children.
    As we age, the regrets we have yet to confront will not compare to those we are forced to live with each day.
    The past is irreversible. We cannot erase the past from our minds, happy or sad as it may be.
    Regrets make the past and present, unpleasant. Regrets originate from intentional choices we have made. We should learn from bad choices that yield regrets.

  • Say 'no' to socialism in America

    King Barack Socialism for America? No way.
    Barack Obama knows that government ownership of all property has never worked, and never will work.
    A graduate of the prestigious Harvard University knows enough of history to understand that private ownership and enterprise does indeed work.
    The answer for America in our time of great need? Neo‑benevolent executive control of everything — private and public — a neo‑monarchy.