Today's Opinions

  • Delegate should look at priorities

    I thought Bill Carrico went into politics to help bring jobs to area. Seems to me he still wants to be in the state police.
    I believe there are more pressing issues to be dealt with than the one about mopeds on the highway.
    Mr. Carrico’s Senate Bill 333 isn’t helping anyone except the police and the state.
    If someone wants to ride a moped, let them ride. It doesn’t bother me to see them on the highway.
    Let’s be real, Bill. What highway has a 35-miles-per-hour speed limit, unless it’s in town?

  • Maroon Tide team, family thank community

    The Galax varsity boys’ football team would like to thank this community for supporting us on our journey to the state championship playoff game.
    Although we came up short in the final game, we are honored to be the state runner-up for the first time in Galax High School history.
    This experience has been awesome for us, as so many records have been broken and history has been made.

  • Dismayed by poor sportsmanship

    I’ve attended Grayson County High School sporting events for several years now as a parent and as one who enjoys watching young people compete.
    Recently, I sat in front of an elementary aged child on the bleachers. Throughout the game she shouted at the referees, made sarcastic remarks to the opposition, booed and screamed, “Cheaters, cheaters!” It was obnoxious.
    Then it dawned on me she was only imitating what she hears from the adults.

  • Deer carcasses are disturbing

    A few years ago we “adopted” our road, committing to maintain at a neat and clean standard. The initial clean-up was a major undertaking, but we accomplished it and took pride in the results.
    But every year at this time we are confronted with a very unpleasant task: removal of deer remains. This time is the worst ever.
    Recently, while out on our daily walk, we happened on the carcass of a doe. She was apparently killed here, a few choice pieces were harvested, and the remainder left to decompose in our neighborhood.

  • Coaching is more than winning games

    I’m a former player of Grayson County girls basketball, responding to the parent who said they’d be ashamed.
    Personally, I think you said it perfectly and that’s why you aren’t coaching.
    Our coach isn’t a prideful man that’s ashamed of any of his players, but one of character and integrity.
    While playing on the team, I not only gained knowledge of the game of basketball and was equipped with the proper tools to play the game, but also how to be better prepared for life and for my future.

  • Nursing home staff commended

    Recently, I was a resident in the facility of Grayson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Independence.
    I had a terrible home accident that resulted in a broken knee and crushed ankle.
    We chose the Grayson facility because it was close to my son’s job and he could visit after work. I was so happy my family and I chose Grayson. You always have a certain mindset when it comes to any nursing home.

  • How can hunters take elk for free?

    A few years ago I spent four years and several thousand dollars to kill a bull elk in Montana with a bow and arrow.
    Stupid me.
    In Virginia, deer hunters can do it for nothing. Not one, but four.
    We have four different deer seasons, with four deer tags on the table and you can buy extra tags. No other place on the planet can you take an elk for free.
    Now, if you think this is a good thing, you should know that Virginia has in place an Elk restoration program.
    I am reasonably sure a dead elk cannot reproduce. This is pure stupidity.