Today's Opinions

  • Republicans should focus on economy

    My response to the editor’s note on the letter, “Consequences for failed leadership,” published Feb. 13, follows:
    Republicans controlled the presidency eight years longer than the Democrats [since 1980] and that was monumental.
    The president can influence Congress by speaking directly to the public.
    The president also appoints judges to the Supreme Court and they have the power to strike down laws. The eight-year advantage by Republican presidents resulted in our conservative court.

  • Readers' Hotline 3/5/12

    Don’t bother
    Grayson supervisors, don’t worry about trash pickup. If you raise our taxes, we will be homeless with no food. No need for trash pickup. Problem solved.
    Editor’s note: They might try to apply the real estate tax to the cardboard box you’ll be living in.

    Check the calendar
    It’s Feb. 27. Why are the Christmas decorations still up in Independence?

    Time for Easter

  • Food banks require donations, hard work

    This is in response to the person talking about outdated food in food banks.
    Churches who give out this food buy it in bulk. They don’t know what they will receive in a shipment of food.
    If a food bank went into a grocery store and bought for all the people who came to get food, then only a few would get anything.
    There are a lot of people who work in our church’s food bank. They unload tons of food, sort it and put it in boxes. People who work in the food bank do it because they want to, not because they have to.

  • Rich should pay their fair share

    I just made some signs for my work trailer.
    They say: “I PAY 35% TAX On Every Dollar ... The Rich... As Little As 13‑14% … FAIR??”
    And why did I do it? Because I am sick of working like a slave just to survive and pay high taxes, while the rich get a free pass.
    I work over four months of the year, just to pay taxes. And since I can’t do anything but complain, I’m going to complain as loud as I can.
    Romney made $21 million last year and paid 13 to 14 percent tax. Typical for the rich in America.

  • Thanks to ER staff, paramedics

    I had to be taken to the emergency room of Twin County Regional Hospital by Fries Rescue Squad on Feb. 20.
    I was treated by friendly squad members and the emergency room personnel were also so friendly and nice.
    I want to say that the E.R. personnel were exceptionally knowledgeable in treating me for my health problem.
    I am so thankful for the great Fries Rescue Squad and for a great E.R. Department at Twin County Regional. Thanks to everyone for your kind help.
    Jane Newman


  • Keep 10 Commandments in school

    To the Giles County School Board: We support and defend your right to display the 10 Commandments in Giles county schools.
    Our nation was founded on Judeo‑Christian principles as expressed in the 10 Commandments.
    Author David Barton (The Christian Roots of America) says that of the approximate 250 “founding fathers” who helped create and support the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, most believed in the Bible.
    Among these were Patrick Henry, Sam Adams and John Hancock.

  • Galax station gains new listeners

    I want to thank Debbie Stringer and the staff at WBRF Radio for finding a way to get the station into the Roanoke Valley!
    I am a confirmed, card-carrying classic country, bluegrass and beach music lover and would listen to WBRF when traveling toward Mount Airy from time to time.
    But now that they are bringing this terrific music into the Roanoke area, I can and do listen all day.
    My car radio dial has literally not moved but a time or two since I found them a few months ago, and I keep the live streaming on all day.

  • Elderly, disabled can't afford high prices

    Dear President Obama:
    This letter is for all the elderly and disabled people in this country.
    These people are going to starve to death if something isn’t done about sky-high prices on everything.
    They give us a so-called “cost of living adjustment,” then go up on Medicare, supplement insurances, food, medicine and gas. We are actually worse off than before the so-called raise.
    One of the biggest things wrong is letting them take God out of everything. We turn our backs on God and he will turn away from our country.