Today's Opinions

  • Cuts, unfunded mandates led to school budget crisis

    Brian Spencer is chairman of the Carroll County School Board

  • A wonderful week in Hillsville

    To Carroll County and the Carroll Historical Society: thank you for a wonderful week in Carroll.
    I am the great-great granddaughter of Jack Allen. My sister, Ann and our cousin, Jewel Jones (great-granddaughter of Jack Allen from Cape Cod, Mass.) and I came with some friends to see the play [during centennial events of the Carroll Courthouse shooting].
    What a pleasant surprise! How that many amateurs did that and did it so well, is a wonder. Anyone who hasn’t seen it has really missed a good one.

  • Supervisors spreading the wealth

    This is in response to our Grayson County supervisors wanting to spread the wealth around.
    I think they have been listening to “Obummer” too much. And, yes, I know how to spell his name.
    Now people, here is the way it’s going to work. If you  worked your butt off to have a nice home and a little land,  you are going to pay for a person who has been happy in their small home.
    If you own property worth $500,000 you will pay $390 for garbage pick-up. If you own a home worth $40,000 you will pay $12.50 for garbage pick up.

  • Readers' Hotline 3/19/12

    Read the label
    Consumers, beware. Just wonder how many folks realize China has sent food to U.S. grocery stores that are stocking it on their shelves. Check food labels to see where they are manufactured. Personally, I wouldn’t eat anything that comes from China because they made dog food that killed pets. They make apple juice that is tainted with pesticides, so why would the food be any different since they have no EPA regulations in China?

    Looking up

  • School, students thank community for support

    Galax High School would like to thank the Galax community, parents, businesses, and other stakeholders for the overwhelming support demonstrated on our students’ behalf during the 2011-2012 school year.
    The success of GHS academics and athletics is derived from the encouragement and loyalty of the community to our students.
    This was apparent this past weekend when you looked in the stands at Virginia Commonwealth University and witnessed a sea of maroon as our boys and girls teams competed in the VHSL state basketball tournament.

  • Police, firefighters responded quickly

    I want to say "thank you" to our police and fire departments for their quick response to an issue I had with my furnace.
    Within two minutes after ADT notified them, they were at my front door to address the situation.
    How fortunate Galax is to have employees and volunteers to care for us anytime of the day and night.
    You made me feel safe living in Galax and I appreciate you and all that you do.
    Thank you!
    Doris Carpenter

  • Injured wrestler's family expresses gratitude

    Editor's note: Luke Hampton, an Alleghany (N.C.) High School senior, is recovering from a spinal cord injury after breaking his neck during a wrestling match last year. Hampton hit a wall, breaking two vertebrae.

  • Farming family good for community

    A Readers’ Hotline caller expressed negative reactions to the story, “Farmers Cultivate a New Life in Grayson.”  
    Unfortunately, the article did not include the fact that this gentleman spent 22 years as a Navy Seal, serving our country with distinction before working five years in the corporate world.
    His wife also served four years in the Navy prior to her career in the restaurant business.
    The grant he referred to is for the Independence Farmers’ Market and targets education on healthy eating for local children.