Today's Opinions

  • Our country has lost its focus

    Politics, election of 2012, foreign policy, the Pentagon and the economy.
    When one looks, sees and really focuses on matters that have this country in such a bad shape, it pains the heart.
    In the middle of all this are the needs and security and safety of the American people.
    Deception, falsehoods and wishful thinking have lead this great nation down the road of danger and lack of respect.
    Two wars fought. Blood, sweat, and tears shed for what?

  • Closing center would disrupt lives

    On behalf of my nephew, Bret, who is a resident at Southwestern Virginia Training Center, I thank Chris Brooke and The Gazette for all your time and articles on the proposed closing of the center.
    We are fighting to keep the residents their homes and the hundreds of employees their jobs.
    This is a great facility with personnel to care for all their needs, and home to these residents who cannot speak for themselves.
    They do not want changes to disrupt their lives. They like structure and need it and have it here.

  • Say 'no' to wind turbines in Carroll


  • Longtime residents fued with 'outsiders'

    The feud in Fries seems mainly to displease a few individuals who feel that only they can decide and debate everything.
    Yes, I am an “outsider,” and we were attracted to Fries by its atmosphere, ambience, and friendly, helpful people. It’s a lovely place to live.
    I would suggest that the complainer(s) get an unbiased referee, invite (politely) all the interested “outsiders” and privately sit down and discuss their differences until  reasonable agreements can be reached.

  • Exhibiting traits of the Anti-Christ

    Christians know that the Bible says that by their fruits you will know them.
    I now want to ask a very serious question. If a self-professed Christian signed and supports a bill for partial-birth abortion, what would you think?
    In this abortion, the baby’s head is delivered but the body is left in the birth canal. The doctor then takes a sharp object and rams it into the back of the baby’s head where the neck joins the skull. This kills the living baby.

  • Waddell praised for theater guild work

    Jim and I, as Carol Waddell’s two sons, so much wish we could be in Galax to join our mother in her well-deserved recognition for her years of work in establishing and helping grow and nurture the Galax Theatre Guild.
    Since it is said that nothing is truly work if you enjoy it, her efforts might be better termed a labor of love.
    It was then a love that greatly benefited not only those who yearned for an outlet for their creativity or a voice for their spirit and music, but it has been a love that was to the ultimate enrichment of our mountain community.

  • Use expert panel to hire police chief

    In Mr. Crowder’s campaign for mayor of Hillsville, he stated in local newspapers that he would “end back door happenings” and put in place an honest and open government, leading some individuals to believe we didn’t have this in Hillsville.
    Well, guess what? Given the first opportunity to do the right thing, he and his cohorts soundly rejected a motion by Councilman Terry to have a selection board of unbiased police officers interview candidates for police chief.

  • BBQ team thanks sponsors for event

    This letter was addressed to The Galax Smokehouse and Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce, organizers of the annual Smoke on the Mountain state barbecue championship in Galax.

    On behalf of myself and Ranucci’s Big Butt BBQ, we would like to say thank you to you and your staff for the great time we had at the BBQ competition.