Today's Opinions

  • Free press is not the enemy
  • Another plea for mercy for mother

    This too is in response to Ann Bryson’s appeal for mercy for her granddaughter, Tanisha Lineberry. Through Ann I have gotten to know and love Tanisha and am appalled at what has been done and is continuing to be done to a grieving mother who accidentally (and I emphasize accidentally) caused the death of her 3 year-old son.

  • Concerned about Carroll school issues

    It is always wise to err on the side of caution when dealing with children, I believe, but I and many others feel that the call for early dismissal on Thursday and cancellation of school on Friday [Sept. 13-14, due to forecasts of Hurricane Florence hitting the area] was premature.
    Why not wait until the morning of to make the call? Hurricanes usually do not proceed as predicted, and we could have had school both days.

  • Elect representatives who understand

    I don’t remember a mid-term election when primaries were so breathlessly observed and reported.
    Conservative incumbents are challenged from the right by newcomers who are “Trumpier.” Democrats are challenged from the left by progressive candidates.
    With each upset, pundits read the tea leaves: What does this mean for the mid-term election in November?

  • Vote for the person, not the party

    As an independent, not aligned with either establishment party, I find myself amazed by the current political climate. To me, a vote is sacred, and should be applied to the best person running regardless of party affiliation.
    When I vote, I do so with the larger community in mind, hoping that the person I have chosen will do as he or she says, and that most of us will benefit by that choice.

  • Political situation inspires opposition

    President Obama saved the country after the 2008 financial collapse. His administration shored up failing banks and prevented the demise of critical industries; but to do this, he calculated he could not hold accountable the speculators and financiers who caused the crisis. This was a significant mistake.

  • Praying for mercy for accused mother

    It’s been over a year since the death of my great-grandson Jaylen. It’s been a hard and painful time for the entire family.

    His mom, dad and baby brother are really having a hard time, not just because of his passing but because of battling the legal system.

    We see people who kill people, who only get a slap on the wrist. This was a tragic accident and the legal system is trying hang her and make an example of her.

  • Helmick bids farewell to council

    My father once told me, “once you start something you should finish it.” And that has been my intention since being elected.
    But unfortunately, due to health concerns I must resign from city council. I have quietly been stepping down from other roles in the community, such as the Rotary board and as a deacon at my church.
    My wife and I still intend to live here in Galax permanently; we love the people. I have a thriving business where we were recently voted the Best Financial Advisor in the area, which I am honored by.