Today's Opinions

  • Campbell stands with people of 6th District

    The House of Delegates race for the 6th District is more sensitive than ever this year, as Del. Annie B. Crockett has announced [she will not seek re-election].
    My choice to take her place is the Republican candidate, Jeff Campbell.
    Born and raised in Southwest Virginia, Jeff Campbell is the candidate we can trust to ensure that our small-town values are upheld in Richmond.  
    Knowing that coal plays a vital role in our prosperity, he will fight against those who want to see it die. His opponent has not stated his stance on this issue.

  • What has GOP done for Southwest Virginia?

    Well it’s fall again, and the leaves are turning, walnuts are falling, and the GOP is out telling all the people of Southwest Virginia how much they are going to help them and love them.
    They talk jobs, but where are they over the years the area has voted GOP?
    The prison in Grayson actually began on our last Democratic representative’s watch, and the training center closings are under a Republican governor.

  • Irwin is right choice for Wilson District

    Kate Irwin would be an excellent choice for supervisor for the Wilson District of Grayson County.
    She would help us preserve our communities and move forward into the future.
    Kate cares about helping schools give our children the best education possible and having a good working relationship with the school board.
    As a business owner for almost 25 years, Kate has experience in researching opportunities, negotiating contracts, and delivering completed projects.

  • Sponsors helped fire department

    I would like to thank sponsors of this year’s Glenda Akers Memorial Cruise‑In.
    The morning started like many this summer; cloudy with the smell of rain in the air. It was beginning to look as though we were going to have another down year, but car owners were eager to show their cars.
    Overall we had 26 entrants who threw caution to the wind and participated in the car show.

  • County needs more home-grown jobs

    From the outside looking in, it seems careful and considerate planning went into the economic development effort that led to the announcement of Virginia Produce Co. expanding to four times its current size.
    Job creation efforts in Carroll County have many times in the past followed a simple money model.

  • Cuccinelli has solid plans for economy

    I recently saw a Terry McAuliffe ad on television accusing Ken Cuccinelli of helping big corporations take money from property owners who are fighting for natural gas payments.
    I think most Virginians have realized that these attacks by McAuliffe are baseless — not to mention outside the bounds of civil discourse that we respect in Virginia.

  • Cuts could compromise home health services

    Many of us here in Virginia have experienced the sadness of a loved one’s illness, or realized that the aging process has taken a toll on his or her health and ability to function. It’s a significant life adjustment when one’s body and condition deteriorates, requiring you to rely on the skilled care of others to remain healthy.

  • Governor candidate has plan for economy

    I believe Ken Cuccinelli presents the best plan to make Virginia stronger and a more competitive place to work and do business.
    Ken’s plan to improve the economy and create jobs involves common sense approaches that are of extreme importance to getting Virginia back to the place we need to be.
    One of the most important changes Ken plans to do is to lower corporate income tax from 6 percent to 4 percent. This is a small change that will have a huge impact on Virginia business.