Today's Opinions

  • A power play in Grayson?

    Are Grayson County supervisors John Brewer and David Sexton backing the wrong horse in siding with Supervisor Rosenbaum?
    Are they digging themselves a hole that will be impossible to climb out of? Time will tell for sure.
    Seems these three men are causing a lot of hard feelings among citizens of Grayson County. I don’t have a horse in this race, but I do have a feeling Brewer and Sexton are not helping themselves.
    These are two very good men, but I feel are going down the wrong path in this instance. They jumped too quick in the things they voted out!

  • Why Virginia needs a farm bill now

    By J. Calvin Parrish, state executive director for the USDA Farm Service Agency; and Ellen Davis, state director for USDA Rural Development


    There’s a lot of national “news” we’d like to forget about 2013 — Obamacare debates, the “fiscal cliff,” Honey Boo Boo, twerking, “selfie” pics and state election ads on TV.
    However, we could watch footage of Miley Cyrus and Honey Boo Boo snapping a selfie pic and twerking as they drove a car off the fiscal cliff over, and over and over. But, with our luck, Obamacare would cover their recovery and then they’d be back.

  • Despite steep cost, curvy road at least needs warning signs

    As Grayson County citizens sign a petition to get the Virginia Department of Transportation to erect better warning signs for unsuspecting truckers traveling on Comers Rock Road, people in Carroll County are no doubt feeling a little déjà vu.

  • IRS 'scandal' lacks proof, is politically motivated

    A recent news flash stated, “The IRS has been caught targeting conservative groups!”
    If our media had substituted the word “accused” for “caught,” their “news flash” would have been true.
    To make matters worse, CNN reporter Candy Crowley, asked Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, “what is your gut feeling?”

  • Hope House thanks youth for supply drive

    The Galax Hope House expresses appreciation to Dylan Bedwell for sharing such wonderful birthday blessings.
    The much-needed supplies came to us in two truckloads of food items, supplies and many other items.
    They were delivered by Dylan, his family and friends after his birthday party. They helped us to get all the items unloaded and inside.

  • Repeal of zoning would be harmful to Grayson

    The largest investment most people make is buying a home, which is protected under existing zoning laws.
    Without zoning, property values will plummet if a neighbor decides to set up a hog lot, a nightclub with exotic dancers, or junkyard next door.
    Health and safety also suffers when we can’t even prevent convicted sexual predators from moving in next to the school.
    Zoning helps protect private investment by providing those who purchase property with certainty about the future.

  • Remember the elderly at Christmas time

    Not only do we need to be sure and remember all the little children this time of year, we also need to think about any elderly people who live alone.
    A visit, a kind word, a Christmas card or a small gift to warm their hearts so they don’t feel left out.
    I am enclosing a poem I wrote. It gives you something to think about:

    The Old Man
    No Christmas tree in this house.
    No wreath upon the door.
    The old man spends Christmas alone once more.
    Forgotten by his children, and by his neighbors he is ignored.