Today's Opinions

  • School, students thank community for support

    Galax High School would like to thank the Galax community, parents, businesses, and other stakeholders for the overwhelming support demonstrated on our students’ behalf during the 2011-2012 school year.
    The success of GHS academics and athletics is derived from the encouragement and loyalty of the community to our students.
    This was apparent this past weekend when you looked in the stands at Virginia Commonwealth University and witnessed a sea of maroon as our boys and girls teams competed in the VHSL state basketball tournament.

  • Police, firefighters responded quickly

    I want to say "thank you" to our police and fire departments for their quick response to an issue I had with my furnace.
    Within two minutes after ADT notified them, they were at my front door to address the situation.
    How fortunate Galax is to have employees and volunteers to care for us anytime of the day and night.
    You made me feel safe living in Galax and I appreciate you and all that you do.
    Thank you!
    Doris Carpenter

  • Injured wrestler's family expresses gratitude

    Editor's note: Luke Hampton, an Alleghany (N.C.) High School senior, is recovering from a spinal cord injury after breaking his neck during a wrestling match last year. Hampton hit a wall, breaking two vertebrae.

  • Farming family good for community

    A Readers’ Hotline caller expressed negative reactions to the story, “Farmers Cultivate a New Life in Grayson.”  
    Unfortunately, the article did not include the fact that this gentleman spent 22 years as a Navy Seal, serving our country with distinction before working five years in the corporate world.
    His wife also served four years in the Navy prior to her career in the restaurant business.
    The grant he referred to is for the Independence Farmers’ Market and targets education on healthy eating for local children.  

  • Republicans should focus on economy

    My response to the editor’s note on the letter, “Consequences for failed leadership,” published Feb. 13, follows:
    Republicans controlled the presidency eight years longer than the Democrats [since 1980] and that was monumental.
    The president can influence Congress by speaking directly to the public.
    The president also appoints judges to the Supreme Court and they have the power to strike down laws. The eight-year advantage by Republican presidents resulted in our conservative court.

  • Readers' Hotline 3/5/12

    Don’t bother
    Grayson supervisors, don’t worry about trash pickup. If you raise our taxes, we will be homeless with no food. No need for trash pickup. Problem solved.
    Editor’s note: They might try to apply the real estate tax to the cardboard box you’ll be living in.

    Check the calendar
    It’s Feb. 27. Why are the Christmas decorations still up in Independence?

    Time for Easter

  • Food banks require donations, hard work

    This is in response to the person talking about outdated food in food banks.
    Churches who give out this food buy it in bulk. They don’t know what they will receive in a shipment of food.
    If a food bank went into a grocery store and bought for all the people who came to get food, then only a few would get anything.
    There are a lot of people who work in our church’s food bank. They unload tons of food, sort it and put it in boxes. People who work in the food bank do it because they want to, not because they have to.

  • Rich should pay their fair share

    I just made some signs for my work trailer.
    They say: “I PAY 35% TAX On Every Dollar ... The Rich... As Little As 13‑14% … FAIR??”
    And why did I do it? Because I am sick of working like a slave just to survive and pay high taxes, while the rich get a free pass.
    I work over four months of the year, just to pay taxes. And since I can’t do anything but complain, I’m going to complain as loud as I can.
    Romney made $21 million last year and paid 13 to 14 percent tax. Typical for the rich in America.