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  • Nursing home advertisement was misleading

    Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to an ad that ran in the Oct. 19-21 edition of The Gazette. The ad was bought by a law firm, Wilkes & McHugh, and listed deficiencies that Galax Health & Rehab (formerly Golden Living Center – Blue Ridge) was cited for.

  • Guest column: Non-profit responds to concerns
  • Local registrar was a big help

    Thanksgiving is coming up, and we have some good things going for us in Grayson County.
    One of them is our county election board: I visited their office in the courthouse basement to get forms and information on voter registration, free photo IDs, absentee voting, early voting and how to restore your right to vote. I was pretty ignorant and they were patient, helpful and polite.

  • Halloween glorifies violence

    The day after the massacre of people in Pittsburgh, the liberal Sunday morning special on CBS had an insensitive, detailed description and discussion of horror movies prepared by Hollywood for Halloween.
    I think Halloween should be a harvest festival and should be to honor the departed souls in anticipation of rebirth in spring and in Christ. There is too much violence in film and fiction and then it comes to fruition. Hollywood and much of the media are guilty of incitement.

  • Do something about it: vote

    In dedication to a 30-year veteran police officer killed in the line of duty, our veterans were the cost of freedom and democracy is not free. Freedom comes with blood, sweat and tears and to the citizens, voters and all who really care about the country where its needed.

  • Flaccavento is 'one of us'

    In all my years of following politics, I have never seen a candidate who matched the needs of their electorate more than Anthony Flaccavento in the Virginia 9th District. He is a farmer and entrepreneur from Southwest Virginia who works with the land. He is a hard worker and is sincere in his efforts to help the floundering economy of our region.

  • Searching for what’s been accomplished

    There has been a change in the tone of Morgan Griffith’s newsletters, which might be attributed to the fact that he has a serious challenger in Anthony Flaccavento.
    Usually, he muses about a wide range of subjects, but he has a dearth of substantive accomplishments to tout.

  • Differences between political parties

    How do you know when you’re old enough to know better? God, common sense and honesty.
    God gave us 10 commandments and his son preached them. Too many false profits and holy-rollers love to mislead us. The 10 commandments are all you need.
    Common sense is understanding and realizing if someone is telling the truth or simply after their vote.
    Three excellent examples of difference in political parties:
    1. Democrats gave us Social Security in 1935. For over 80 years, Republicans have tried to take it away. They are talking about it now.