• Community came together for sale

    In June the Oakland Ruritan Club held its first Nine-Mile Sale a community yard sale along Pipers Gap Road in Carroll County. This was this first of its kind that I am aware of in the Twin County area and I am proud to say that it was a tremendous success, with approximately 30 yard sales along a nine-mile stretch.
    Concessions were sold by the club at Oakland United Methodist Church, with even the church participating by having a yard sale to support its building fund.

  • Thanks to all involved in BBQ contest

    My husband and I have just returned home after attending and participating in the annual "Smoke on the Mountain" festival in Galax.
    He has judged this event since its inception and we and several of our friends from North Carolina look forward each year to coming to your delightful community!

  • Christians have lost control of America

    We have lost control over America. We have lived life our own way and planted our butts in front of screens of various sizes for so long that we have numbed ourselves to the fact that we are losing our rights as Christians.
    People who hate us because we believe in Jesus are taking over.
    But we sit in front of “Farmville” [online] and text screens and “Twilight” books and movies, and pretend that there is peace, when there is none.
    Where are our morals? Where is our fight? Where is the great revival?

  • Keep Matthews Forest alive

    Over the years, Judge Jack Matthews acquired 566 acres of land and had a variety of projects that he was trying to accomplish on the Matthews State Forest property near Galax.
    He wanted to maintain for posterity some of the old ways of doing things and to maintain the old-time (heritage) fruit trees.
    As a benefactor to the Twin Counties, he left his mark. Upon his death, Judge Matthews left his property to the state as a means of educating generations to come.

  • BBQ contest keeps improving

    I was born and raised in North Carolina. In 1973 I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and traveled back and forward to visit family.
    For many years I passed Exit 14 of Interstate 77, not knowing what I was missing.
    Last year, I became a Memphis Barbecue Network judge and had the opportunity to go to Galax to judge the Smoke On the Mountain barbecue contest.
    Last year’s contest was great, the weather was beautiful, the city was clean and the people that I met were great. It was even better this year. How do you do it?

  • Was alcohol necessary at BBQ event?

    I am writing this letter to offer an alternative view of the recent Smoke on the Mountain Barbecue Contest.
    The Gazette’s coverage of the event extolled its atmosphere and the quality with which it was conducted.
    Mr. McGee of the Memphis Barbecue Network praised the event in his letter to the editor. I have no doubt that a lot of people worked long and hard hours to make this a success, and for that I commend them.

  • Parent thanks those who helped son

    On June 13 at the Grayson County Rec Park, my 8-year-old son tripped over a root in the woods and fell on a broken bottle.
    The glass cut through an artery, tendon and nerve in his right arm.
    Most of what happened next is a blur in my mind. By the time I got to my son, someone already had pressure on his wound and 911 was being called.
    There is no way I can personally thank all the people that helped us that day. I want everyone to know how appreciative I am of all they did.

  • GUEST EDITORIAL: What you're paying for

    This is in response to a person who stated that the Blue Ridge Music Center’s concerts are too expensive.
    Many shows at the Blue Ridge Music Center are free. There is free music seven days a week during Mid-Day Mountain Music programs in the afternoons.
    Wonderful local musicians volunteer to provide this service because they are generous with their time and talents, and support the center.
    We have several popular, free performance talks on regional music in our small theater this summer and fall.

  • Why were trees cut down?

    I am a rising sophomore at Carroll County High School. I clearly remember the day when I was looking out my classroom window, and saw county workers cutting down trees in the front lawn at Carroll County Intermediate School.
    These trees were a part of the scenery at the school, and have been there for decades, and without them the school is incomplete.
    Teachers love to take students outside to have class, and now they have nowhere to do that.

  • Jesus died for us, but we reject Him

    It seems like there is some anti-Christian bias in The Gazette’s Readers’ Hotline.
    I just have one question about this? What did the sinless Son of God ever do wrong? Is it the fact that Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross exposes our sin?
    God knew we could not ever earn heaven. Religion, good works will never cut it because we do sin and fall short of God's perfect standard.
    I would challenge anybody to look into the Gospel accounts and take a look at Jesus from God the Father's point of view.