• Parent thanks those who helped son

    On June 13 at the Grayson County Rec Park, my 8-year-old son tripped over a root in the woods and fell on a broken bottle.
    The glass cut through an artery, tendon and nerve in his right arm.
    Most of what happened next is a blur in my mind. By the time I got to my son, someone already had pressure on his wound and 911 was being called.
    There is no way I can personally thank all the people that helped us that day. I want everyone to know how appreciative I am of all they did.

  • GUEST EDITORIAL: What you're paying for

    This is in response to a person who stated that the Blue Ridge Music Center’s concerts are too expensive.
    Many shows at the Blue Ridge Music Center are free. There is free music seven days a week during Mid-Day Mountain Music programs in the afternoons.
    Wonderful local musicians volunteer to provide this service because they are generous with their time and talents, and support the center.
    We have several popular, free performance talks on regional music in our small theater this summer and fall.

  • Why were trees cut down?

    I am a rising sophomore at Carroll County High School. I clearly remember the day when I was looking out my classroom window, and saw county workers cutting down trees in the front lawn at Carroll County Intermediate School.
    These trees were a part of the scenery at the school, and have been there for decades, and without them the school is incomplete.
    Teachers love to take students outside to have class, and now they have nowhere to do that.

  • Jesus died for us, but we reject Him

    It seems like there is some anti-Christian bias in The Gazette’s Readers’ Hotline.
    I just have one question about this? What did the sinless Son of God ever do wrong? Is it the fact that Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross exposes our sin?
    God knew we could not ever earn heaven. Religion, good works will never cut it because we do sin and fall short of God's perfect standard.
    I would challenge anybody to look into the Gospel accounts and take a look at Jesus from God the Father's point of view.

  • Grayson: earn 'Protector of Nature' title

    Raising taxes 44 percent when many, if not most, of Grayson County's citizens are already struggling to make ends meet, is crazy.
    It looks like our board of supervisors is best at making bad decisions. They're selling out their own neighbors.
    When farmers can't pay their taxes, they'll lose their land.  And who'll benefit? Housing developers, Christmas tree operations and other deal-makers.

  • BBQ contest hailed as one of the best

    Our first visit to the Galax area was for Galax’s Smoke on the Mountain 2010.
    From the Twin County Chamber of Commerce to the Interact students, you have an awesome group of volunteers.
    Each year, Smoke on the Mountain sends out new ambassadors into the barbecue contest circuit, singing the praises of Galax, its beautiful settings and wonderful people.
    This is one of the best-organized events on the Memphis Barbecue Network circuit and we look forward to seeing you all next year.
    Randy and Cathy McGee

  • Save our forests

    While taking a leisurely drive a few days ago, I realized there were fewer trees than I once remembered.
    I passed many fields of new apartment buildings that used to be a beautiful forest. I found it somewhat embarrassing to know that what we are known for, our beautiful forest covered mountains, are disappearing.

  • Don't wait for rescue

    Calls to the Hotline regarding the job situation in the Twin County area slay me.
    We seem to have a sizeable part of our citizenry who sit on their duffs waiting for someone else to “rescue” them by coming into this area and “giving” them jobs.
    The adage, “God helps those who help themselves,” comes to mind here.

  • Find balance in Fries development

    As a newcomer to the charming little village of Fries, I am delighted that the town is receiving much‑needed money for the restorations, repairs and upgrades that are much needed, but could not possibly be afforded.
    It has beautiful scenery, a lovely quiet atmosphere and a livable core of 100‑year-old houses that most "historic" cities would envy.
    But having lived in three towns that were restored and rebuilt on their historic past, two of which did it right, let me add a note of caution.

  • More churches should help shelter

    More churches should help shelter
    It’s very interesting to read the editorials and also the Hotline.
    So many people seem to be annoyed by something or someone they have no control of. Oh, ye of little faith.
    Let me tell you about a woman I know. She is the wife of a minister of one of the churches in Galax.
    About a year ago she took over as director of the Hostel House of the Good Shepherd, now known as Hope House. She had no money, but prayer and faith kept her going. And she has been blessed so much.