• Letters from Boy Scout Troop 188

    The following letters were submitted by Boy Scouts with Troop 188 in Galax:

    Bland lunches are wasted

  • Conflict questions still unanswered

    The Carroll County administrator’s response to Supervisor Bob Martin’s effort to end the conflict of interest controversy was disturbing.
    Little things, like Mr. Larrowe referring to events as recent as 2010 as occurring “many, many years ago.”
    And big things, like his statement: “I… hate that some people have jumped off the team, and that is disappointing to me, Mr. Martin.”
    What “team” did he mean — the Larrowe support team?

  • Fox penning a barbaric sport

    I find it unbelievable that there is still any debate over whether releasing packs of dogs on captive wildlife is an acceptable hobby for some in Virginia.
    The answer is an incontestable no.
    There is no fairness in the practice of fox penning.  Live trapping of foxes in all corners of the state, trucking them miles from their familiar habitat, and putting them in fenced enclosures to run for their lives is anything but fair. 

  • Support local businesses

    As everyone is aware, the Town of Fries has been trying to come up with new ideas to bring more business to our town.
    Town council has been diligently seeking opportunities to try to make Fries more prosperous — from the “old mill site” to opening stores in the previous location of the fire department.
    Before we can establish new businesses, we need to support the ones we have.

  • Searching for Cox relatives in Galax

    This photo was taken in Peecher Cemetery, Liberty Township, Ross County, Ohio, on Oct. 27, 2012, when the Spoon River Chapter of NSDAR, based in Williamsfield, Ill., placed an official DAR marker on the grave of Solomon Cox, honoring him as a Revolutionary War patriot.

  • Community honored veterans

    As Veterans Day chairman for Hillsville VFW Post 1115, I thank all the businesses, individuals and organizations in the community that honored veterans with programs and activities during the extended weekend of Nov. 7-12.
    Walmart gave us a special program Wednesday, followed by a barbecue lunch.
    Carroll County Intermediate School and St. Paul School continued their tradition by inviting veterans in for very inspiring programs on Thursday.

  • GDA thanks those who helped

    The Halloween Monster Bash in downtown Galax, a free event for our community’s children, coordinated by the Galax Downtown Association, was moved with one day’s notice to the Galax High School gymnasium and cafeteria this year due to cold weather.
    Ray Kohl, tourism director and chairman of the Galax School Board, arranged for us to use the high school facilities.
    Assistant principal Justin Iroler was our primary contact, along with Marlene Adams, director of the cafeteria.

  • Find a rational solution

    Well, here we go again. The same person that recently cited the President of the United States as the anti-Christ now wants to declare an all-out war against Muslims. Does paranoia have no limits?
    This person stated in a recent letter to the editor on Oct. 23, that “all that is in the news today is about rioting, killing and taking over the countries by Muslims.”
    Quick, check the closets — there may be one in there.

  • Kids, seniors share memories

    It was a dark and windy night, and there were candy wrappers everywhere.
    Yes, it was Grayson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s 15th annual Trick-or-Treating event. But amidst all the Snickers, suckers and Tootsie Rolls, guess what else there was?
    There were 100-year-old residents putting candy in a toddler’s pumpkin bucket.
    There were proud World War II veterans smiling at their great-grandchildren in costumes.
    There were residents in wheelchairs reaching out to touch the hand or face of a precious child.

  • Setting the record straight

    I am writing my first letter to the editor.
    Recently my name was listed in the newspaper by the Grayson County treasurer for being delinquent on 2011 taxes, when in fact they were paid.
    They owed me $38.31 overpay, which they did reimburse. The Grayson treasurer had mailed me a warrant for taxes that had already been paid.
    Just wanted to set the record straight.
    Carlton Vaughan