• Delayed bills cause benefit problems

    Delayed light bills keep those on cooling assistance from getting their benefits.
    The cut-off on Social Services accepting light bills is Aug. 14. Anyone who receives his or her light bill after the 15th will not be paid.
    Social Services should extend their cut-off date to benefit those entitled to it.
    If you aren’t getting this benefit, call your caseworker. They should know how many haven’t received their cooling assistance because of this discrepancy and you can file an appeal.

  • Our declining 9th District rural areas

    glected for too long.
    Our Main Streets are lined with empty stores. Two hospitals have closed. Young families are leaving in droves to seek employment.
    Teachers are underpaid. Some schools have buckets in classrooms to catch the water from leaking roofs.
    Bridges and culverts are deemed the worst in Virginia. Broadband is still not available in many rural areas. Our power grid is outdated. Some schools lack air conditioning, forcing cancellation of classes on hot days.
    Many small communities are beginning to look like ghost towns.

  • Candidate’s appeal crosses party lines

    A few days ago, a woman who saw the Flaccavento for Congress T-shirt I was wearing stopped to say she’s a conservative Republican and is voting for Anthony Flaccavento.
    She said, “He’s a farmer, like me, and he supports the issues I support and I’m tired of Morgan Griffith never being here!”

  • Get big money out of District 9 politics

    The concentrated financial influence of special interests in politics is the number one problem our nation faces and the survival of American democracy is on the line.
    A majority of Americans — Democratic, Republican and independent — are tired of unlimited spending from corporations and special interests in our elections. In fact, 80 percent of citizens support initiatives to limit corporate campaign contributions, thus bringing back power to the people.

  • Vote against special interest money

    Corporations and special interest groups have lavished untold amounts of money on the vast majority of those men and women we send to Congress to represent us, in effect, purchasing their influence when considering legislation. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty. Many of the bills, which eventually become law, are now written by special interest lobbyists. We the people are not being equally represented.

  • Voter registration ends Oct. 15

    If you’re not registered to vote, you’ve got until Oct. 15 to get this done at the Grayson County election board in the courthouse basement.
    You need to be a citizen, 18 or older with a Social Security number. Cody Wingate (registrar) and Wilma Halsey (office secretary) are there to help. If you don’t have an acceptable photo i.d. you can get one free at the election board office.

  • Politicians should care about environment

    What could be more important than the health of our loved ones? I encourage readers to consider human health issues when they vote this fall. Pollution can cause cancer, asthma, and many other health problems. We need leaders with the courage to protect our air and water from dangerous chemicals.
    I’m very concerned about Morgan Griffith’s voting record. In 2017, he scored a flat 0 percent on his votes on environmental issues, according to the League of Conservation Voters. You can see his voting record on the LCV website.

  • Child’s death was tragic accident

    This is my last attempt to appeal to human decency.
    I am writing this letter on behalf of Tanisha Lineberry, just to say the only way to not have an accident is to stay in bed all day.
    She did not wake up that morning and decide to harm her little boy. No matter what’s been said or done against her, she loved her little boys a lot and would not hurt them intentionally.
    It was an accident. In the world we live in, women can have abortions and abuse their children and still they send those children back into an abusive situation.

  • Another plea for mercy for mother

    This too is in response to Ann Bryson’s appeal for mercy for her granddaughter, Tanisha Lineberry. Through Ann I have gotten to know and love Tanisha and am appalled at what has been done and is continuing to be done to a grieving mother who accidentally (and I emphasize accidentally) caused the death of her 3 year-old son.

  • Concerned about Carroll school issues

    It is always wise to err on the side of caution when dealing with children, I believe, but I and many others feel that the call for early dismissal on Thursday and cancellation of school on Friday [Sept. 13-14, due to forecasts of Hurricane Florence hitting the area] was premature.
    Why not wait until the morning of to make the call? Hurricanes usually do not proceed as predicted, and we could have had school both days.