• KKK's ideology at odds with biblical teachings

    This letter is in response to the KKK activity you have reported on.
    To the KKK: The Bible teaches that we have all come from the same original parents, Adam and Eve, we are all “one blood.”
    Your irrational, ungodly, hateful “theology” does not come from the God of the Bible.
    When Aaron and Miriam, Moses’ brother and sister, criticized him for marrying an Ethiopian woman, God severely judged them:

  • 'Obamacare and the Old Folks Home' — a poem

    My years on earth

    are slipping away.

    My hair from red

    has turned to gray.

    The old folks home

    is waiting for me.

    I’ll go in hearing-impaired

    and probably with Alzheimer’s Disease.

    From Washington

    I never hear good news.

    It’s always about Obamacare,

    Nothing that would help me and you.

    Promises and more promises

    that’s all they seem to do,

    and farther and farther away

    they all stray from truth.

  • Freedom of press being stifled in U.S.

    We join the rest of the world in mourning the brave staff of the magazine “Charlie Hebdo,” gunned down by religious fanatics for defending freedom of the press.
    Meat industry fanatics in the U.S. have devised a more subtle means of stifling freedom of the press.
    The states of Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, and Utah have enacted “ag-gag” laws that impose criminal penalties on investigators seeking to expose animal abuses and safety violations in factory farms.

  • Donors helped feed meal to community

    I would like to express heartfelt thanks to all who helped out in any way with the Christmas dinner that was served at West Galax Diner.
    It was a great success. Not only were we able to provide meals to the community, but all remaining prepared food was donated to Joy Ranch and all other food items were donated to Rooftop.
    We thank everyone for their help and generosity.
    Tina Dowling


  • Illegal aliens are taking over the country

    The very first requirement for anyone to be called a citizen in America should be to have entered our country legally, not as criminals.
    As criminals, that should be the only requirement needed for putting them out immediately.
    We also need to take a long, hard look at referring to these millions of anchor babies as Americans.
    They are going to continue to take from our children and grandchildren.

  • Dangerous time for police officers

    Law enforcement — the public and things of society.
    The past year has been shameful in this country, when police officers encountered street thugs who thought they ruled the roost.
    From a thief at a store to trying to take an officer’s gun and one selling cigarettes on a sidewalk. All incidents involved African Americans.
    A grand jury [did not indict] a police officer doing his job which caused violence, property damage and total distrust of the police.

  • Hotline imperfect, but a platform for conversation

    I am writing about the recent Hotline controversy.
    Whether you like it or not, it sells papers. The trashy tabloids in the grocery stores make a lot of money, too.
    There are 24-hour news channels dedicated to misinformation and half-truths, also.
    In this day and age of social media, anybody can say anything. At least the citizens of the U.S. have the right to free speech, no matter how ignorant they may be.

  • Police body cameras prevent mistreatment

    The massive public reaction to the tragic deaths of three black teens at the hand of white police officers has led to a national call for use of body cameras to record and prevent any future mistreatment of suspects.
    There is ample precedent. Animal protection activists have used body cameras to document egregious atrocities and safety violations by workers in the meat, dairy, and egg industries.
    The resulting videos have led to a number of corrective actions, as well as felony convictions, meat recalls, and even a $500 million civil settlement.

  • Recourse needed when official channels fail

    I would like to make reference to the letter from local government officials calling for an end to the Hotline.
    We are not in favor of the trash fee instituted in of 2003, as when we moved here 1999, this was included in the regular real estate tax.
    We consider this fee double taxation. However we pay it and pay in advance so as it will not appear on the real estate tax bill, which goes to our mortgage lender.
    We are sure that there are other taxpayers in the same situation. Therein lies the problem.

  • Church thanks community for years of assistance

    We regret to inform the public that we recently closed the Adventist Clothing Center after serving the Twin County area for many years.
    We express our sincere appreciation to the many individuals and businesses for their donations of clothing and household items so we could help those in need.
    We also thank all the volunteers who gave many hours of their time to process the donations and assist clients as they came to us for help.