• Herrington deserves another term

    In the race for circuit court clerk of Grayson County, the choice is clear: Susan Herrington is by far the most qualified candidate.
    As an attorney practicing in Grayson County, and someone who deals daily with this office, I can say that Susan operates one of the most efficient offices with the most courteous staff that I have the pleasure of working with.

  • Sheriff's campaign has been negative

    I would like to state my opinion on the sheriff’s race in Carroll County this year.
    I have never seen such negative campaigning and dirty politics by an already-elected official. J.B. Gardner surprises because he says he is a Christian and even teaches Sunday School.
    And even if he says that he didn’t directly do any of this, he certainly allowed it and did nothing to correct it.

  • Vote to keep J.B. Gardner as sheriff

    I am a concerned citizen of Carroll County and am writing to give my opinion why we need to re-elect J.B. Gardner as sheriff.
    I am very passionate about this and want to tell you things I know about Mr. Gardner.
    He is dedicated to safety of his officers, and all of us know how dangerous it is for police officers patrolling to keep us safe.  
    I truly don’t understand his opponent’s stance on funding.  It appears to me they want the sheriff’s department to go back to the way it used to be before Mr. Gardner became sheriff.

  • Hutchins has led board well

    Upon moving to Carroll County in 1996 and having a personal interest in local government, I was disappointed in the lack of professionalism in the Carroll County government.
    The county administrator was convicted of embezzlement of county funds, and public squabbles among the supervisors detracted from County business.
    Although government in the county seemed to improve after the administrator’s departure, professional governing and administration seemed to be lacking.

  • Candidate's experience insufficient

    I am the retired director of the New River Community Corrections Pretrial Service and would like to respond to Robert “Bobby” Williams, who is seeking election as Grayson County clerk of court.
    Mr. Williams listed himself as being a former probation officer.
    Mr. Williams was employed by New River Community Corrections as a probation officer during my time as director. He was employed at NRCC for an approximate time of two months and left rather suddenly.
    I hardly think this short time would constitute the training needed for clerk of court.

  • Re-elect Herrington as Grayson court clerk

    On Nov. 3, 2015, the voters of Grayson County and the North and South precincts of Galax will vote for the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Grayson County.  I am writing to give the reasons why I support the re-election of Susan Herrington as Clerk.  
    As a lawyer practicing in our area for the past 18 years, I have dealt with clerk’s offices on a regular basis. This includes Grayson County Circuit Court, where Susan Herrington served as deputy clerk under Mr. Charles Sturgill and then for the past 8 years as Clerk after her election in 2007.  

  • Gardner has honesty, integrity and faith

    I would like to share my experience of knowing and working with Sheriff J.B. Gardner.
    The first word that comes to my mind is honesty. I have known him for 30 years and there is no doubt in my mind he is one of the most honest men I know and have worked with.
    Another word that describes him is integrity. If you have ever been around him at all, this needs no explanation.

  • Hill has combat-tested leadership

    Politics are as ugly as you make it. Not all people running for office have a score to settle. Some actually run to help make the county a better place to live.
    David Hutchins has done a good job for the things he has worked on but I feel that there is a need for change and Rex Hill is the one that can make a difference.
    My husband doesn’t want to be a politician, he just wants to serve Carroll County, that’s why he is running as a conservative independent. He is passionate about helping Carroll County.

  • Virginia should expand Medicaid coverage

    What would 400,000 Virginia citizens working low-wage jobs have if they lived in a different state than ours?
    Healthcare coverage, via Medicaid expansion.
    This issue has fallen off the radar since the General Assembly refuses to consider accepting federal funds to provide this coverage.
    Let me remind you what this issue is about and why our legislators are denying healthcare to a huge number of people, many in Southwest Virginia.

  • Not the time for change in Sulphur Springs

    I write to ask that the folks of Sulphur Springs District of Carroll County vote to keep David Hutchins on the Carroll County Board of Supervisors.
    We hear about change all of the time, however now is not the time to change. We also hear about good alternatives, however the solid and true are the best.
    We have seen the most positive growth in Carroll County during the time that David Hutchins has served, that there probably has ever been.