• Spending bill should include border security
  • Too much emphasis on sports in school

    Why do we have schools and public education? The founding fathers believed that an educated populace was necessary in a democracy, whereby we govern ourselves by electing representatives to make laws and look out for the good of the people.
    In the late 1800s and throughout the 20th century, schools were viewed as social institutions to change society. Hence, the so-called progressives embarked on a plan with more and more federal intervention. This continues today with No Child Left Behind and other programs.

  • Border wall would do more harm than good

    Editor’s note: This letter was sent to U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9th District) and the author requested it also be published in the newspaper. Griffith’s district includes the City of Galax and Carroll and Grayson counties.

  • Firefighters thank business for gift

    On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Laurel Fork Volunteer Fire Department had serious issues with our well.

    Claude S. Brewer Well Drilling in Galax came out on both major holidays and fixed the trouble.

    When we received the bill, Ted Brewer, the owner, wrote, “Pay it forward. God Bless.” His company completed the work at no charge as community service.

    We are deeply grateful for their expertise and skills, and this remarkable gift.

  • Democracy isn't for anyone

    The hard lesson we need to learn from Iraq and Afghanistan is that people who are not mentally prepped to be self-determined will go back to their subservient former states.
    Modern democracies and republics are based upon Christian-based free will in part, on philosophers such as Locke, Voltaire, Hume, Kant, etc.; who if they had tried to put forth their philosophies in a setting such as the aforementioned countries, they would have been executed and their works destroyed.

  • Child shares Christmas story

    Andy Johnson, age 8, of Galax, shared this Christmas story with us:

    The Christmas Tree

    A long time ago, there was a family that celebrated Christmas every year.

    One year, there were three days until Christmas, but Mr. Frost decided to get the Christmas tree on the 23rd so he went with Mrs. Frost to get the tree for Christmas.

    “We’re here,” said Mr. Frost. Then, the Frost family got out of their truck to find that perfect tree, but there was only five trees left.

  • Businesses should clear snow, ice

    I think it’s a good time to remind business owners of their responsibility in snowy, icy weather.
    The reason it’s on my mind is a couple of things I just experienced. And to protect the guilty, I will not mention business names.

  • LandCare gives thanks for success

    As we enter this season of harvest, thanks-giving, and sharing, we are grateful for another abundant year in Grayson County. We are thankful for our natural wealth of water, soil, plants and wildlife. And we appreciate all our neighbors who participated in our events this year and helped us in any way. We have grown in memberships, sponsorships, donors and partners.

  • People forget what ‘Christian’ means

    From what I read in the Readers’ Hotline and from what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, and from what people have told me, that I know tell the truth, citizens in the Twin County area do not know what “Christian” means.
    They vote Republican now that Republicans do not want anyone to have anything, and they want to take what we have away.
    If the local, state and national government come up with laws that hurt the citizens, they vote for it. If they come up with a law to help citizens, they vote against it.

  • It’s time to end political parties

    After the political/media circus around Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, where both Dr Ford’s and his rights where thrown under the bus, it is time to make the political parties very concerned about their future.
    Change your party affiliation to none, and consider announcing to run for any government position with only “End political parties” as your issue.
    Tim Lutz
    Elk Creek