• City council needs to be accountable

    I addressed Galax City Council for the third time on Feb. 11 with facts and concerns about our community.
    First fact: The economical growth statistic, 2014-2024, every industry and business across the board is 0%. Mayor Mitchell activated his three-minute timer. No comment by council.
    Second fact: Galax has been the meth capital for decades. No comment by council.

  • Collusion and delusion in the White House

    Collusion and delusion are the hallmarks for this government.
    A brief history of this clown in the White House. He has gotten his way, so-called success, by stepping on people, use and abuse, insulting the poor and disabled, and lying his fool head off if he can’t blame someone else.
    From the start to the present, it is his way on the highway. Cannot stand to be corrected or for a woman to have power and authority.
    He has shown four four-star generals the door, looking like privates.

  • Common courtesy and common sense are dead

    In the age we’re living in now, people are so immersed in their phones they’re not even people anymore.
    When you’re out with your family, put down your phone. When you’re home, turn your phone off! We keep a landline so people can reach us that really need to, and so we don’t ignore the people in our lives for hours while we scroll through meaningless information.
    If you’re driving slow in the left lane, move over!

  • Raise my taxes to pay for education

    To tax or not tax. This has always been the dilemma for the Carroll Board of Supervisors.
    Some handled this with dignity by supporting education and other needs, while others have failed miserably to meet citizens’ needs.
    No one likes a tax increase, but I don’t believe any parent desires their children to attend schools with 25 or 30 students per teacher, as we once had. You will deprive students from getting a quality education.

  • Support of home-schooling questioned

    Being formed by public education teachers and having worked as a teacher and principal in public schools, I suppose that I have an innate prejudice and love for public education; I cannot comprehend any reason for encouraging or supporting home-schooling in Virginia.

  • Information about area needed

    The following letter to the editor was submitted by a third-grade student in Northern Virginia, who is seeking information for a class project.

    Dear people of the great state of Virginia,
    Hello! I am a third grade student in Northern Virginia. In third grade, we do state projects, and I have chosen my state! I am very excited to learn more about the great state of Virginia as I work on my project.

  • Border wall is not necessary

    My family moved to West Texas in 1954.
    Miles and miles of mountains on both sides of the Rio Grande river and miles of desert without access or water west of the river.
    This wall is not necessary. It is a very sick joke and there is great need of those billions of dollars for jobs in this country.
    Unless you just don’t care, you are not made aware of this on Fox & Friends.
    Phillip Boatman

  • Thanks to couple who paid for meal

    On Jan. 28, I had breakfast at the County Line Cafe in Galax.
    A nice couple there bought my meal for me.
    I would like to say “thank you” and may God richly bless you both.
    Connie Nester

  • Northam should resign as governor

    Of course, Mr. Northam should resign.
    Perhaps his remarkable gaffes are not impeachable, but he is an embarrassment to Virginia, if not to all Democrats, who have in the past and still continue to overlook any Democrats’ transgressions.
    For his suggestion that infanticide could be done by medical doctors, his Virginia medical license should be reviewed and possibly revoked.

  • Thanking Carroll’s first responders

    I would like to thank all those folks, all of whose names I do not know, for coming to my rescue to free me as soon as possible from my overturned Jeep on the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 27, about two miles north of Woodlawn on Coulson Church Road.
    Specifically, I would like to thank State Trooper R.B. Phipps, Carroll County Deputy David Walls, Carroll County Rescue Squad EMTs and Adam Miller and others from HELP Towing for being so concerned and courteous and professional.