• Letters to the Editor for 8/25/08

    What is true purpose of government?

    With Presidential elections approaching, a review of the purpose of government seems like a good way to focus our attention.

    An equitable government has but three responsibilities and no more: the protection of its people from enemy attack, assuring that its people encounter opportunities to succeed, and establishing values.

    The Preamble of our U.S. Constitution sets forth in a nutshell our founding fathers’ idea of the purpose of our governmental setup.

  • Letters to the Editor for 8/18/08

    Community comes to clinic's aid

    The Free Clinic of the Twin Counties, serving Carroll, Grayson, and City of Galax, wishes to thank The Gazette for publishing a timely article when the Free Clinic was in dire need of funding.

    At that time, a proposal was before the board to out of necessity consider closing down the clinic.

    The response to your article was immediate. A groundswell of grassroots support began to take place.

    Individuals were calling and stopping by to make contributions the very next day, and for days and weeks to follow.

  • Letters to the Editor for 8/11/08

    New school in Grayson a mistake

    Grayson County made a grave mistake when it broke ground for a new school in Grant.

    Mount Rogers has had to fight to keep its school open for 50 years.

    Mount Rogers was sacrificed because Bridle Creek needed a new school. They could have built a school for Bridle Creek and left Mount Rogers alone.

  • Letters to the Editor for 7/28/08


    I would like to say a word on behalf of the ladies tending the regional animal shelter.

    They have difficult, dirty, thankless jobs, but I have always found them to be friendly and helpful.

    Part of their job is protecting animals in their care. If a person is lurking outside the fence throwing “treats” to the inside, what way do the shelter attendants have of knowing whether the treats are good or something harmful?

  • Letters to the Editor for 7/21/08


    This is in response to the announcement that has created so much excitement in the newspapers that there is going to be another truck stop and possibly a hotel and dirt racetrack at Exit 1 [of Interstate 77].

    While this is a start, long range planning should be looking at the needs of industry that provide secure, high-paying jobs.

  • Letters to the Editor for 7/14/08


    As owner of the Fries High School Web site www.frieshighschool.com, I am in contact with many people who live in Fries and the Fries area, and people who are from Fries and now live away.

    We are strong supporters of issues concerning the Town of Fries and the Fries area that benefit people living there and people who visit the town and the Fries area.

    We are staunch supporters of U.S. Cellular and its cell tower in Fries.

  • Letters to the Editor for 7/7/08


    On July 9, the General Assembly will reconvene to finalize the state’s transportation bill.

    There are plans to raise the state gas tax by 35 percent to an additional 6 cents per gallon. Vehicle registrations will increase $10 per year. Titling taxes will also rise.

    We need to make sure that our transportation needs are met, but we do not have to raise taxes in order to maintain our roads.

  • Letters to the Editor for 6/30/08


    On a recent trip to Fries to visit my mother, I noticed Harry Boyles cutting grass on the bank in front of the “Y.”

    It was an extremely hot and humid day. I decided to stop and thank him, and tell him what a fantastic job that he and his brother, Larry, do for the town.

    I asked Harry when he was going to retire, and he replied “When I die. I love my job.”

  • Letters to the Editor for Week of 6/23/08


    Information has been shared in local media concerning pesticide use, some of which have been grossly misrepresented.

    Many people have legitimate concerns about the safety of pesticides. So, are pesticides completely safe?

    As you consider that question ask yourself if driving a car, eating a tomato, or swimming in the ocean is completely safe. There are risks associated with each.

  • Letters to the Editor for Week of 6/16/08


    After the end of World War II, many individuals recognized the need for a memorial to honor the dead of Dec. 7, 1941.

    As resident of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 710, I see a great need for a veterans’ memorial in the city of Galax — a memorial to honor all veterans, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.