• Let’s fix ‘stupid,’ shall we?

    My father and my grandfather were nothing more than downright “good” people with nothing but “good” intentions and neither one of them were “stupid” by any means.
    When they fought to keep the dam from coming in, they were protecting the land they both knew as children. The third Cox took up signatures via shoe leather express on petitions that her mother sat and typed up to help protect the land she did know as a child.

  • An old man's questions

    In the early 1960s, a lady named Rachel Carson wrote a book called “Silent Spring.” As a result, the chemical DDT was banned. Some people claimed this was the cause of thousands of deaths from malaria worldwide.
    In the mid-60s, I was told in Vietnam that Agent Orange would not hurt us. Now they say this ischemic heart disease I have is a result of Agent Orange.

  • We need a real plan for healthcare

    Remember when Donald Trump promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better and cheaper? Just like people who invested their life savings in condos that were never built or bought into the Trump University scam, many Americans believed Trump’s promises. As it turned out, the master dealmaker could not repeal Obamacare, even with Republican control of Congress.

  • McCraw responds to Readers' Hotline calls
  • Birds no longer flock to feeder

    Lately I’m surprised to see hardly any birds at our feeder — just a few doves and some little house finches.
    Ordinarily, we see more than 20 different kinds of birds over a season.
    I thought they’d all be done with moulting by now, at the tag-end of summer, so I called our wild bird rescue center. They said the same thing — they’ve only got some goldfinches at their feeders.

  • America deserves better

    Our fearless leader has went from Tweet-in-Chief to Teflon Don to Chosen One fighting China’s unfair trading issues.
    Never in the history of this great nation has it been burdened by political turmoil, egos to the max, racial hate groups and abuse of power, where wrong is right and right is wrong.
    The president continues to live in his little world of make-believe, where the King rules and there is no debate, no law and no constitution. His decrees are final.

  • What is the goal of Trump’s trade war?

    Does anybody know what Trump’s objectives are in the trade war with the Chinese?

    Trump has never clearly articulated what he hopes to achieve. If the American people don’t understand what those goals might be, the Chinese probably don’t know, either.

  • Barker is best choice for 9th District

    I wanted to say a few things about my interactions with Jim Barker [candidate for the 6th District House of Delegates seat] and the differences I see between him and Jeff Campbell, our current delegate for the 6th District.
    I started paying attention to Delegate Campbell’s Facebook page earlier this year. I noticed that he mostly posted about things that he had voted against, never anything he had voted for. I asked him about it and he posted a link to his voting record, basically asking me to look for myself. So I did, and I didn’t like what I saw.

  • Event celebrates what community is about

    On a sunny July Sunday, a thousand people gathered at the New River in Fries to enjoy live music, great food, sunshine and interesting things to see and do.
    For the third year, Grayson LandCare organized this festival to bring all parts of the community together to appreciate the beauty of our community and the diversity of its residents. Thanks to the generosity of local business sponsors, admission was free so everyone could join in the fun.

  • Sponsors thanked for helping fundraiser shine

    The Making Grayson Glow committee would like to thank all of those who donated items to us, to make our 21 Road Market sale a success. With each event, we are getting closer to our ultimate goal: “Making Grayson Glow.”