• Readers Hotline 8/28/17

    Seeking attention
    I have been watching the Hotline and what they keep saying about old men looking at women at the stores. I think I finally figured it out. It goes back to my childhood when I was sitting in the back of my family car and all of a sudden my sister would say, “Daddy, he’s looking at me again.” Of course, I wasn’t. It was her way of getting attention. If you need attention that bad, keep putting it in the Hotline and we will keep remarking to it.

    History to preserve

  • Readers Hotline 8/23/17

    Rings in their noses
    I cannot believe employers allow employees to wear earrings in their nose and eyebrows and lips and work with the public. I have seen it multiple times. Disgusting. I won’t be going back there. Yes, these people have the right to express themselves but they should only be allowed to do it on their own time. When they are at work, they need to look presentable. I am a human resources manager and we have rules. Everyone should.
    Editor’s note: Are pierced ears still OK?

  • Readers Hotline 8/21/17

    Warning signs

  • Readers Hotline 8/16/17

    It doesn’t matter
    This is for “apt to look.” Why would you think someone wanted a woman to look at them if they were complaining about a man looking? What difference does it make? You want to be looked at like a human being. Are you like some of these people in churches that only help a few and don’t help those who need it? All of it rings true. Keep dragging yourself through the mud.

    Outsiders get nothing

  • Readers Hotline 8/14/17

    The great divide
    I just want to say I am so sick and tired of two words: Democrats and Republicans. They are causing the greatest division of anything ever in our country.

    Just woke up

  • Readers Hotline 8/9/17

    Caution: weed pun
    I’m the guy that called about dope in Galax. All these places you go to work, they will give you a drug test. In the future, they will pick you, knowing the people that can pass it. They have a random drug test. I urge the people that have plants, have a plant-wide drug test and you will weed out a lot of the bad.
    Editor’s note: We know who to call if Cheech is ever looking for a new Chong.

    Shoved it down

  • Readers Hotline 8/7/17

    Sidewalks a necessity
    The City of Galax needs to build a sidewalk on both sides of U.S. 58 going toward the cinema, toward Walmart and toward Crossroads Institute. Lots of people walk along the sides of the road. Many people do not have transportation. Others would like to ride their bicycles. I also see women pushing baby carriages. Galax definitely needs sidewalks on both sides of 58 so that citizens and tourists can walk and bike through that area to the shopping center and to Crossroads. This would serve many people and is a necessity.

  • Readers Hotline 8/2/17

    Cold case
    I’m a graduate of Galax High School. On the issue of the new field house, instead of naming it after Deputy Bartlett, it seems to me like everybody has forgotten about Brandon Billings [who was slain in 2002].

    People in need

  • Readers Hotline 7/31/17

    Don’t mess with texting
    I have a creek that runs through my property and a beautiful place to camp out. Last week some of my relatives came to camp out and I decided to go sit by the campfire and talk. All they wanted to do was text on their cell phones. The next day I went to the supermarket and people were standing in the middle of the aisles texting on their phones and I had to ask them to please move. What has happened to the good ole days when you could have a conversation with people and enjoy your shopping at the supermarket?

  • Readers Hotline 7/26/17

    Take control
    People need to stop worrying so much about whose picture is on the front page of the paper and worry more about the actual crime that is happening in our community now, such as the home that has recently been invaded and children and a woman held at gunpoint. That’s the kind of thing we need to be concerned about, not what other people think when they come to our community. We need to think more about how to get our community back under control.

    Kindness to the elderly