• Readers Hotline 10/4/17

    Since it is now known that Trump Tower was bugged, just as the president claimed it was, the reason for the leaks at the White House is probably because the White House was bugged under the guise of new technology that Obama installed before he left. It is now being sent straight to the Democrats.

    Hitting knees

  • Readers Hotline 10/2/17

    Not guilty
    This is in response to “bedroom eyes.” Could you please reveal the name of the office the barracuda works in? In my office, we have a hot young office manager and my wife is sure that this is the office the barracuda is in. I didn’t do anything wrong and my wife is fixing to kick me out because of this. Please help me.

    Good for Galax

  • Readers Hotline 9/27/17

    All lives matter

  • Readers Hotline 9/25/17

    Celebrating bodies

  • Readers Hotline 9/20/17

    Careth not
    For 25 years, since property became a rental on Pinehurst Street in Independence, it has really ruined the value of our home. We have tried all these years to get something done without success. I have personally asked the owner to cut the grass and clean up the trash and the reply was, “I’m doing nothing for you.” Please help us.

    Seen enough
    The Gazette has carried enough about Deputy Curtis Bartlett. Enough is enough. Stop printing news of the deceased.

  • Readers Hotline 9/18/17

    Keep it simple

  • Readers Hotline 9/13/17

    My comment is about Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. He was suspended six games from the start of this season for alleged domestic violence. Where’s Black Lives Matter and all these other groups to come protest at the Cowboys’ facility about a domestic violence case? Why are the media not putting this on the front page?

  • Readers Hotline 9/11/17

    One clerk on duty
    I was at the Galax post office last Saturday around 2 o’clock when there were six people in line and one person working the counter. Didn’t seem to be anybody there. No organization. I hate to say it but from now on I’m going to the UPS store. If our government can’t do better than that I’ll give my money to someone else. They always have two people working. Always glad to see you. It may cost a little more, but you are in and out of there in five to 10 minutes.

  • Readers Hotline 9/6/17

    A capital idea
    I’m calling about the cost of the Galax football field that was described in the Hotline. What exactly is the capital fund? Where does that money come from and if it were not used for a football field, what would that money be used for out of a capital fund.

  • Readers Hotline 9/4/17

    Kudos, Gladeville
    I just want to say how impressed I am with Gladeville  School’s parent pickup procedure. It is very fast, efficient and most of all, safe. If the other local schools do not do it like this, they should take notes from Gladeville School. Kudos.

    No good