• Readers Hotline 11/8/17

    Dumb as a doornail

  • Readers Hotline 11/6/17

    The smoking factor
    I want to say I really like your paper. I moved here and I like your paper. Also, in your Readers’ Hotline, it is so true, what was written in there about so many people. I am an elderly person and I go to the doctor. Some people come up and pay and then they wait on the outside and go take a smoke. Can you imagine? Yes, I agree with the person that wrote in about the cigarette situation. Let’s get on disability or something because we have smoked our brains out and let somebody else take care of your health care.

  • Readers Hotline 11/1/17

    Airport is critical
    I keep seeing comments in the paper about Twin County Airport. I hope these people complaining realize the only way we can attract industry or maintain industry in our area is to have a functional airport.

    Weathering the storm

  • Readers Hotline 10/30/17

    Stay out of it
    City council, why get involved with recycling when we have a locally-owned business handling this need? Yes, they need some gravel and always needs cleaning. But, have you seen the mess that people leave for them to handle? The city should stay out of recycling and support recycling and the people that already have this business for us available. You could spend your time finding someone to buy the property on Fries Road that you bought for the school, which was a real fiasco.

    Mandatory fee

  • Readers Hotline 10/25/17

    Yellow dog
    Regarding the [Hotline call], “Knucklehead in charge.” This has got to be a yellow-dog Democrat who commented. Talking about Hillary Clinton, the reptilian with the hole in the tongue.

    Not justified

  • Readers Hotline 10/23/17

    Hide and seek
    Because the police for the Town of Hillsville have decided they have to have black vehicles so they can sneak up on people, that’s fine. But, you have to remember one important thing. When you are running radar on Interstate 77, the least you do when it is foggy is to turn your lights on. I almost hit one of the pickup trucks this morning coming down 77 just right past the Hillsville exit.

    Rain check

  • Readers Hotline 10/18/17

    The right to protest
    This is just a comment about the Black Lives Matter that is all over the television. You’re protesting against the same thing that gives you the right to protest. You want your First Amendment right, you want to be heard. It’s the First Amendment that gives you the right to walk around carrying a sign and interrupting the world. You are trying to shut down all forms of speech that you don’t want. Unless it’s your opinion, you don’t want it heard.

    Ride into the sunset

  • Readers Hotline 10/16/17

    There is a business that thanks the police department, the medical services, the fire department and rescue squad. I also thank them, too. I appreciate them. But, I also thank the military for what all they do for us. What would we do without them? I think they deserve a big thank you, also.

    No rubber stamp

  • Readers Hotline 10/11/17

    High tide

  • Readers Hotline 10/9/17

    Boycott the NFL