• Readers Hotline 1/10/18

    Liven it up
    Galax should have some kind of fireworks event for New Year’s at midnight. The churches hold some good events but other than that, there is not much to do for a family on New Year’s Eve.

    For the community

  • Readers Hotline 1/8/18

    Why so jealous?

  • Readers Hotline 1/3/18

    How’s it spent?
    I noticed in the paper today Hillsville received some grant funds. That’s pretty good but I have often wondered why when Hillsville annexed up at Interstate 77, the meals tax also went up from 10 percent to 13 percent. I wonder what businesses in Hillsville have provided for these funds. The only thing I can come up with is, I have seen so many extra police cars and so many extra police. But, you don’t do anything else beneficial for the people. Gee whiz. Anybody else noticed this?

  • Readers Hotline 1/1/18

    Carroll’s entertainment
    I’d like to comment on the Carroll County Fair article. That is the best deal of the summer for the area. Only $5. The children love it. Little rides, shows, agriculture. Even the wrestling was a great success this year. Also, Carroll County does a good job on the cruise-ins they have every year. It is free and everyone has a great time. Carroll County does a great job on all of its entertainment.

    Hardly a raise

  • Readers Hotline 12/27/17

    Keeping his promise

  • Readers Hotline 12/25/17

    In the air

  • Readers Hotline 12/20/17

    Use of revenue
    What happened to the Carroll County windshield sticker program for vehicles? It was started out to buy buses. When it started, years ago, it was $5 and it started going up every other year. What is it used for? I’m sure they take in a lot of money each year. Use it to buy buses. That’s what it was intended to be for.

    Have compassion

  • Readers Hotline 12/18/17

    Feeling proud
    Super proud of the local community for the wonderful Christmas parade. The floats were outstanding and what a great show of community involvement. Excited to be from the Galax area.

    Arguing integrity

  • Readers Hotline 12/13/17

    Owning a problem

  • Readers Hotline 12/11/17

    Keyless no more
    Thank you to the kind, thoughtful person who took time to pick up my lost post office box key and turn it in at the Hillsville Post Office. You were a blessing. Thank you.

    Without a purpose