• Readers Hotline 2/2/15

    Not the first time
    This is in reference to the KKK recruitment pamphlets that have been handed out. About 13 years ago, I received the same literature. It wasn’t delivered in my mail, but it was a recruitment package left in my driveway. I took this to the sheriff’s office and nothing was ever mentioned or heard of that. It has been an ongoing thing for years — the recruitment. It’s not just a thing that has happened in the recent weeks.

    Academics first

  • Readers Hotline 1/28/15

    Bad idea
    Dear Supervisor Rosenbaum: I will vote for anybody other than you because of this coyote issue. My hard-earned money is going toward the killing of coyotes and paying hunters out of my tax money and whoever instituted the $500 contest should be run out of town.

    Goofy Romney

  • Readers Hotline 1/26/15

    No end to deer

  • Readers Hotline 1/21/15

    Who is in charge of overhanging trees and overhanging limbs over our power lines and stuff? Doesn’t somebody have a contract for that in this area? Thank you for what your paper does.

    Where’s the pride?

  • Readers Hotline 1/19/15

    Excessive homework
    My daughter, who is an honor roll student at one of the schools, has a problem. The math teacher gives so much homework every single night — five or six pages each night. It’s a struggle. She can never get in bed until really late, besides having to do homework from other classes. She sometimes falls asleep before getting it all done. She already has hours of math each school day. Why would the teacher give the class this much homework? I am really annoyed.

    Land swap

  • Readers Hotline 1/14/15

    I am calling about the outside lights at the hospital. I have gone there several times in recent months and could hardly see how to walk to the emergency room doors. We did ask security and they said they were working on them. Someone needs to check on this.
    Editor’s note: When contacted, Twin County Regional Hospital’s facilities director said: “The outdoor lighting requires specialized equipment. This routine maintenance is scheduled to replace the extinguished lights.”

  • Readers Hotline 1/12/15

    Courting on the bus
    There seems to be some people who ride the transit all day long. Looks like they would have to pay 50 cents for every loop they ride, but they don’t. One person talks so loud. Another one does her courting all day long. I think District III needs to look in to this.


  • Readers Hotline 1/7/15

    Too many holidays
    I have always believed there are too many holidays in the United States. The only holidays I recognize are Thanksgiving, Christmas and Veterans’ Day. That is enough and that is all we need.

    Not worth it

  • Readers Hotline 1/5/15

    Treat it right
    I’m calling about the way people treat their dogs. I know there are outdoor dogs and indoor dogs, but the ones that are outdoors deserve a little shelter. They don’t need to be tied out in the rain, in the snow, curling up with nothing under them. They are tied to a tie line so they are not going to go anywhere. Rain is pouring down on them. They are all curled up in the yard. They deserve better than that. For God’s sake, if you are going to have a dog, treat it right or just don’t have a dog.

  • Readers Hotline 12/31/14

    No chance
    Jeb Bush will not have a chance against Hilary Clinton if Hilary decides to run. Bush will not beat Hilary Clinton. No Republican will beat Hilary Clinton.

    Incentives questioned