• Readers' Hotline 1/13/16

    Harsher penalties
    I saw Obama on the news wanting to take away our gun rights and doing an executive order. It ought to be against the law to kill somebody. I think it is. The problem is, you are just slapping them on the wrist when they commit a felony with a gun. Give them 20 years in jail and don’t let them out and see if it will get better.

    At odds

  • Readers' Hotline 1/11/16

    Uplifting display
    A great big virtual hug to creators of the delightfully entertaining holiday light show on display in Felts Park in Galax. What an uplifting and joyful experience. We took several visitors to enjoy this and each time we came away humming a song and smiling. I hope their generosity comes back to them manyfold.
    Editor’s note: High Country Lights creator William Bottomley recently posted on the attraction’s Facebook page that he and the city have agreed to bring the lights back next year and expand the display.

  • Readers' Hotline 1/4/16

    Christmas kindness
    I just wanted to say that during Christmas I did meet a Christmas angel. I was in line at Walmart and my order came in over the money I had with me. A lady in the back of the line finished paying for my groceries. She did not know how much that meant to me. I said “thank you” but I did not know her name. I just want her to know I am thankful for her being my Christmas angel.

    Cost of kerosene

  • Readers' Hotline 12/30/15

    Space taken
    I see the Hillsville Town Police are letting those merchants on the north end of town park in front of their stores all day long. Where are the customers supposed to park?

    Our president keeps saying no boots on the ground in the Middle East. I guess these six guys that were just killed [in Afghanistan] were wearing high heels or flip flops.

  • Readers' Hotline 12/28/15

    Curfew for deer
    This is in response to the “deer after dark” comment in the Hotline a couple of weeks ago. I suggest that the city council pass an ordinance and put up signs all over town reading, “no deer permitted after sunset.” That way if Bambi reads it and still… [cut off].

    Act of kindness

  • Readers' Hotline 12/23/15

    To everyone putting Obama to blame for everything happening in this country, he will go down as the most powerful man that ever lived because he has made Russia mad. He has killed Al Qaeda leaders. But, he hasn’t done away with the mafia. He hasn’t done away with white supremacy. He hasn’t done away with the Ku Klux Klan.

    Don’t say it
    Regarding the dress code opinion in The Gazette of Dec. 14, I think The Gazette should not allow personal attacks on students.

  • Readers' Hotline 12/21/15

    Great message
    A huge thank you to First Baptist Church of Galax for the wonderful Christmas musical. Excellent job. A great message. We all need to remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is about Jesus Christ. It is not about gift giving. It is not about decorations. It is about God sending his son to save the world.

    Political bureaucracy

  • Readers' Hotline 12/16/15

    Trucks coming through
    I know another accident that is going to happen on Spring Valley Road at Puppy Lane. The cars are sitting out on the highway, right next to the highway and log trucks will run you off the road when they come by there. I think it needs to be looked in to and patrolled more often.

    No safe place

  • Readers Hotline 12/14/15

    Move over
    I’m calling concerning the parking situation at Galax High School. Cars are parking out here along the guardrail and making it hard for parents at the parent pickup line to go down there and make their turn to come down to where they pick up their kids. The faculty needs to do something about people parking along the guardrail.

    It’s simple

  • Readers Hotline 12/9/15

    Can’t run for president?