• Readers' Hotline 12/23/15

    To everyone putting Obama to blame for everything happening in this country, he will go down as the most powerful man that ever lived because he has made Russia mad. He has killed Al Qaeda leaders. But, he hasn’t done away with the mafia. He hasn’t done away with white supremacy. He hasn’t done away with the Ku Klux Klan.

    Don’t say it
    Regarding the dress code opinion in The Gazette of Dec. 14, I think The Gazette should not allow personal attacks on students.

  • Readers' Hotline 12/21/15

    Great message
    A huge thank you to First Baptist Church of Galax for the wonderful Christmas musical. Excellent job. A great message. We all need to remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is about Jesus Christ. It is not about gift giving. It is not about decorations. It is about God sending his son to save the world.

    Political bureaucracy

  • Readers' Hotline 12/16/15

    Trucks coming through
    I know another accident that is going to happen on Spring Valley Road at Puppy Lane. The cars are sitting out on the highway, right next to the highway and log trucks will run you off the road when they come by there. I think it needs to be looked in to and patrolled more often.

    No safe place

  • Readers Hotline 12/14/15

    Move over
    I’m calling concerning the parking situation at Galax High School. Cars are parking out here along the guardrail and making it hard for parents at the parent pickup line to go down there and make their turn to come down to where they pick up their kids. The faculty needs to do something about people parking along the guardrail.

    It’s simple

  • Readers Hotline 12/9/15

    Can’t run for president?

  • Readers Hotline 12/7/15

    Solution for strays
    I recently read an article in the paper about the bounty for coyotes in Grayson County. Just a suggestion: do not kill the coyotes. Trap them in a live cage. Bring them to Galax and turn them loose. That way we can control the deer population in Galax. Maybe get rid of some of the stray cats and all the stray dogs — something that animal control don’t seem to be able to handle. I’m sure the coyotes would kill the deer, the cats, the dogs and the groundhogs. That’s just my opinion.

  • Readers Hotline 12/2/15

    Holidays reply
    What has happened to this world? Someone saying they want only three holidays and leaving out Easter, the resurrection of our Lord and Jesus Christ; and Christmas, our Savior’s birth. Then Easter when He was resurrected and died for us on the cross. What has happened to our world? It has gone crazy and ruled by the devil.

    Speed trap

  • Readers Hotline 11/30/15

    Majority ruled
    Right or wrong, all you guys who whine and complain because they are putting “In God We Trust” on the cars, do you believe in democracy? Well, it was voted on and majority ruled. Get over it. If you don’t like “In God We Trust” on our police cars, maybe you should move to a town that doesn’t trust in God.

    What’s fair

  • Readers Hotline 11/25/15

    Who pays for what?

  • Readers Hotline 11/23/15

    Left behind?
    I’m calling in reference to road signs that VDOT has left on the side of the road on Timberline Drive. They did some work on it about two months ago and about four of the five signs are still standing. I just wondered why they haven’t picked them up. Just a matter of why they are standing there.

    Deer after dark