• Readers Hotline 5/23/16

    Community asset
    I just want to say I appreciate our Li’L Country Store in our little area. The employees all are very friendly people and they have the best little deli. I thank them so much for what they do.

    She should know

  • Readers Hotline 5/18/16

    Flying debris
    When city employees mow the grass, can you please ask them to mow with the grass (and rocks or debris) flying away from the road and passing cars?

    Hiring process

  • Readers Hotline 5/16/16

    This is for the person who stole the Bible out of my convertible, either at Fairview Church or at Mountain Surf. You know who you are. It has my name on it. Read it. Maybe you will learn something from it. I have forgiven you. I hope God has.
    Editor’s note: The caller later notified the newspaper that the Bible was returned. The thief must have gotten to the “thou shalt not steal” part.

    In a bind

  • Readers Hotline 5/11/16

    Every life matters

  • Readers' Hotline 5/9/16

    Safe at school
    My children go to Carroll County High. I feel safe that they are in the school. I know exactly when my kid needs me or whatever. The parents that have to have grandparents make a comment for them, they need to get it right. [Some people are] asking to fight. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way kids are today. My kid is safe at school and I have 100 percent faith in Carroll County High School. Thank you very much.

    Looking shaggy

  • Readers' Hotline 5/4/16

    Litter patrol
    I would like to say the people who cleaned on Virginia 94, Brush Creek Mountain, really did a good job and I appreciate how clean it looks through there. I wish everyone would not throw trash out. These people have to work hard to pick it up. But if I was able, I would be helping these people pick up trash myself. The people that did that, it all leads to what the community looks at and that you care. Thanks again.

    Plea agreement

  • Readers' Hotline 5/2/16

    Schools should notify

  • Readers' Hotlline 4/27/16

    For all to know

  • Readers' Hotlline 4/25/16

    Don’t prosecute
    Maybe there is more to this story about the man sleeping in the church, but in no way should anyone ever be prosecuted for sleeping in a church unless they were committing some kind of burglary, theft or damage while there. I don’t care if it is overnight. I don’t care what time it is. It is God’s House, not theirs.
    Editor’s note: The suspect is now charged with breaking into a second church in Galax. This time, he was wide awake when arrested.

  • Readers' Hotlline 4/20/16

    Trying to help
    I don’t know what is wrong with the person writing in saying Social Security is an entitlement. After all of us have been working 40-50 years and paying it in, that is not entitlement at all. We finally got a decent governor after we got rid of that crook and now the Republicans are trying to block everything good he is trying to help people with. He is trying to expand Medicaid and they are against that. I don’t understand why you want to throw off on Obama and our governor when they are trying to help people.