• Readers Hotline 4/2/18

    Cheer up
    This is for the caller who needs some cheer. So, snow depresses you? You know, there are a lot of things going on in this world that are more depressing. At least you haven’t had a tornado destroy your home. Just be thankful that wasn’t you, and the next time it comes a snow, just remember that “this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it,” and this will cheer you up.

    Use detectors

  • Readers Hotline 3/28/18

    Dictator in D.C.
    President Trump is firing anyone that has any common sense. All he wants in office is someone that agrees with him. If that is not a dictator, I don’t know what one is.

    Mr. Pothole

  • Readers Hotline 3/26/18

    Great place
    I would like to comment about the Galax Recreation Center. This is one of the nicest facilities I have visited. The employees and management are always friendly and helpful and the activities offered are for all ages.

    Do something

  • Readers Hotline 3/21/18

    Taxpayers’ money
    I was just wondering how much of the taxpayers’ money was used by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors to publish all the delinquent tax names and the amounts owed. I think they should have used that money to help clear it up, especially for some of the seniors and some of the people who aren’t able to find jobs and work. Thank you so much and I hope Carroll County Supervisors have a lovely day.

  • Readers Hotline 3/19/18

    Waiting on Wildwood
    Whatever happened with the Wildwood Industrial Park over by Hillsville? It’s been several years since Grayson County threw in with Carroll County to attract some business there. I think they were offering tax breaks to any new businesses locating there. That’s nothing but a bribe and it defrauds local people of tax support for schools and other essential services. We need to figure out some better use for the land out there at Wildwood.

  • Readers Hotline 3/14/18

    Seating at The Rex
    I saw in The Gazette where the Galax received a grant. Why don’t they use some of that money to buy new seats for the Rex Theater? They bring in a lot of visitors into town. The old seats are breaking with people. I have seen some break with two older ones already. Someone is going to get hurt. They never say anything at The Rex while the visitors are there about buying a seat. That would probably help. I already have one but I will probably never get to see it. I just wonder why they don’t try to get more seats in there.

  • Readers Hotline 3/12/18

    Let’s be neighborly

  • Readers Hotline 3/7/18

    None of the above
    What do we all have in common? Love of family. Desire to have meaningful and productive work. Freedom to pursue our goals and worship as we please. Access to an education and good healthcare. To live without fear of harm to our bodies or property. And, the support and engagement of our communities. What are we told that makes us different from one another? None of the above.

    Not warranted

  • Readers Hotline 3/5/18

    For all
    For some reason, socialism in a dirty word. Here are some examples of American socialism to chew on: our highways, parks, health clinics, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and so on. For those of us who enjoy a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, bingo. That is socialism.

    Buried the “story”

  • Readers Hotline 2/28/18

    Defining insanity
    Science is not the enemy. Consider the care you receive from your doctor. That is all based on science. Consider the crops you grow each year. That is all based on science. In fact, we are all scientists in this regard. We observe how things work and don’t work, make hunches and eventually decisions based on those observations. To continue to do the same thing over and over again, even if it always fails, is one definition of insanity.