• Readers Hotline 2/28/18

    Defining insanity
    Science is not the enemy. Consider the care you receive from your doctor. That is all based on science. Consider the crops you grow each year. That is all based on science. In fact, we are all scientists in this regard. We observe how things work and don’t work, make hunches and eventually decisions based on those observations. To continue to do the same thing over and over again, even if it always fails, is one definition of insanity.


  • Readers Hotline 2/26/18

    Don’t be divided
    Creating division within our country is intentional. United we stand, divided we fall. The spirit of cooperation and sharing is strong in these mountains. Let us not forget that we all need one another more than ever. Don’t let divisiveness divide us. We are so much better.

    Littered roadsides

  • Readers Hotline 2/21/18

    Somebody’s watching

  • Readers Hotline 2/19/18

    Don’t say no

  • Readers Hotline 2/14/18

    Get to it

  • Readers Hotline 2/12/18

    No secrets

  • Readers Hotline 2/7/18

    Requiring stickers
    Regarding the Jan. 26 report about the Carroll County budget challenges, there was one part where they were talking about requiring county stickers. I just wondered if you would highlight that. Ever since they did away with the county stickers in Carroll County, we have been paying $25 for our vehicles for a county sticker. I just wonder if, when that takes place, will you be paying $50 just to get a little paper sticker to put on your windshield.

    Look at the pay

  • Readers Hotline 2/5/18

    Open your doors
    With these really cold snaps, schools in other areas have been opening and allowing the community, their students, to come in and get a hot meal. I think our local schools should do this also. We have many children who go without food on a daily basis that come to school hungry and at home have nothing. What do they do whatever times they are out? We have a summer program that allows for eating but nothing for when we are out for cold spells.

    Thank you

  • Readers Hotline 1/31/18

    Not the answer
    This is to the person that put in the Hotline Jan. 22 to try castration [for sex offenders]. Won’t you get a life? Is that all you have on your mind? There is a lot going on in this world and trying castration is not going to fix it all. That’s the stupidest idea I have ever heard.

    God’s Word

  • Readers Hotline 1/29/18

    Not so easy