• Readers Hotline 4/30/18

    Thank the officers
    Everyone needs to thank all the police officers that are active in Operation Rolling Thunder and every officer everywhere.

    Mr. Pothole

  • Readers Hotline 4/25/18

    A great deed
    I want to think the Friends of Christ that did a great deed for me. You know who you are and you know what you’ve done and I cannot express how much I appreciate you and how I thank you. Friends of Christ, you are something awesome. God Bless each and every one of you.

    Learn to drive

  • Readers Hotline 4/23/18

    Meeting quotas
    Someone called last week about not wanting the Carroll County sheriff’s deputies out on the interstate. I just wanted to say I hope they do not stop having the deputies out on the interstate because I really prefer they write all of their tickets to meet their quotas to people who are passing through, instead of trying to harass the citizens of Carroll County.

    Why there?

  • Readers Hotline 4/16/18

    Crack a smile
    A while back, I noticed a caller had called in about cashiers and wait staff in the area being rude. I hadn’t really thought much about it but I am starting to notice it, too. I don’t understand why people have to behave like that. I’m a customer at their business establishment helping them keep their job. I don’t understand where all the smiles went. There is nobody smiling anymore. Bring back the smile.

    Pack of dogs

  • Readers Hotline 4/11/18

    Still standing
    The burned-out house at the corner of Hebron and Glendale is a disgrace to this community. Since Carroll County doesn’t have any laws to deal with such neglect, [somebody should do] the right thing and take action to clean up the mess.
    Editor’s note: Three children died in a house fire at that location in 2015. Have you considered that it might hold some emotional value to the family?

    Flip a coin

  • Readers Hotline 4/9/18

    Oh, deer

  • Readers Hotline 4/4/18

    Hammer the scammers
    I wish they would get rid of all these scammers that are calling our phones. I get a 728 number all the time. You can call it back and it has been disconnected. I don’t know how they are doing this but I wish there was some way we could put a stop to it because if I am expecting a doctor’s calls, I won’t answer the phone if I see it is not a number I know. Please do something about it.

    Victims of cheaters

  • Readers Hotline 4/2/18

    Cheer up
    This is for the caller who needs some cheer. So, snow depresses you? You know, there are a lot of things going on in this world that are more depressing. At least you haven’t had a tornado destroy your home. Just be thankful that wasn’t you, and the next time it comes a snow, just remember that “this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it,” and this will cheer you up.

    Use detectors

  • Readers Hotline 3/28/18

    Dictator in D.C.
    President Trump is firing anyone that has any common sense. All he wants in office is someone that agrees with him. If that is not a dictator, I don’t know what one is.

    Mr. Pothole

  • Readers Hotline 3/26/18

    Great place
    I would like to comment about the Galax Recreation Center. This is one of the nicest facilities I have visited. The employees and management are always friendly and helpful and the activities offered are for all ages.

    Do something