• Readers Hotline 2/1/17

    Pull together

  • Readers Hotline 1/30/17

    Not a choice

  • Readers Hotline 1/25/17

    Let’s hear it

  • Readers Hotline 1/23/17

    Lucky or not?
    I’d like to make a comment about national championship game for college football. Alabama was supposed to win by about 21 points. Friday the 13th was the same week. Some people think number 13 is an unlucky number. But the guy who caught the winning touchdown pass had the number 13 on his jersey. Think about it for yourself. Is it unlucky or lucky?
    Editor’s note: Alabama was favored over Clemson by 6.5 points at most betting sports books. Clemson won, 35-31.   

  • Readers Hotline 1/18/17

    Grip the wheel

  • Readers Hotline 1/16/17

    No attempt
    Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when a truck [from a local jurisdiction] comes to your neighborhood and stops at the end of the driveway and makes no attempt to scrape the snow and ice off of your street so you could get out? Yet, our postman made three attempts to come up the hill. Finally parked his truck and walked to our mailboxes to deliver our mail. He got the job done. Lastly, a young man with a pickup and no chains came to our neighborhood and scraped our street where the truck made no attempt to do so.

  • Readers Hotline 1/11/17

    Between the lines
    I have had it up to here with all the people who just don’t know how to park. They put those little white lines on the road so you know where to put your vehicle. Not on top of it. Not across it, but within the lines. Even then, if people do manage to do it, they are a good two feet out from the curb. Don’t you know you are supposed to be right next to the curb? Oh, these people just burn me up.

    Under the covers

  • Readers Hotline 1/9/17

    Heed the public
    I think Galax made a wise choice to remodel Galax Elementary School in the current location. I have to say that was very strange how school board and city council went against what appeared to be a majority of citizens of Galax and bought land for a new school. I would hope when there is major opposition against a major project in the future, they will listen to the people of Galax and not waste taxpayers’ money.

    Monkey, or not?

  • Readers Hotline 1/4/17

    National debt
    I read in the paper — I think they are praising Obama. He has been in office for eight years. We are in debt $20 trillion. I wish I could count to one billion, but I can’t. If he was in there another four years we would probably be in debt $25 trillion. I think the president is in charge of getting your deficit reduced instead of growing it. Maybe this will help this person understand what is really going on.

  • Readers Hotline 1/2/17

    Great performance
    I just wanted to say I went to the best Christmas play I guess I have ever seen at Turkey Knob Church. If anybody missed that, they missed a good play. I went both nights because I enjoyed the first night so much. These people put hard work in and they put a lot of practice and they really did well — every one of them. I enjoyed it so much. I am waiting until next year to go back and see what they have. Thanks to everybody there for putting it together.

    Roles confused?