• Readers Hotline 4/12/17

    Here’s why

  • Readers Hotline 4/10/17

    Down on the court
    I’m starting to think we don’t need a Supreme Court at all. Telling people they can’t have prayer in school yet they’ve got the 10 Commandments hanging up right behind them on the wall. That is not right and God is higher than the Supreme Court. If it’s all right with the Lord, it is all right with me. There are a lot of other things the Supreme Court is doing that is not what it should be either. I don’t know why we are letting nine people tell millions of people what to do anyway.

  • Readers Hotline 4/5/17

    I wonder if they still have truck driving school on the parking lot after church on Sunday.

    No wonder
    This is pertaining to the cab service in Galax. It is a wonder that the cab service got any calls if the business thinks everyone they hauled was “trash.” In God’s eyes, we are all someone and no one is above the other. May God bless you.

    Empty handed

  • Readers Hotline 4/3/17

    It’s not easy
    I agree with the caller about Galax being an honest and nice place to live. Unless you are on Social Security and you have a fixed income. Then you have to repay to remodel a school after they had purchased land to build a new school on and then they add more taxes on us and make us pay for water runoff also. If your house gets flooded, they will help you rebuild it. But, if our house needs a new roof, there is no help.


  • Readers Hotline 3/27/17

    T-bone avoided

  • Readers Hotline 3/22/17

    I want to thank Tommy Morton for the letter he wrote in reply to the letters to the editor by John Duvall. My opinion exactly, only I could say a whole lot more. Thank you for publishing it.

    No shame

  • Readers Hotline 3/20/17

    Mind your own legs
    I’m calling about the “nix the leggings” comment. To whomever is calling in about the young girls wearing these leggings, that’s the style now days. This person must be really old-fashioned or real religious and doesn’t believe in anything. But I do know I like them myself and I think these young girls look good in them. They are beautiful. I think this lady is also jealous. You need to keep your nose out of this because it is none of your business.


  • Readers Hotline 3/15/17

    Listening in?
    Even though there is no evidence to back up Trump’s ridiculous claim that Obama wiretapped his phone lines, let’s suppose for a minute that it is actually true anyway. If it helps you Trump voters, think of it as a baby monitor.

    Come to your senses

  • Readers Hotline 3/13/17

    Still there

  • Readers Hotline 3/8/17

    Nice gesture
    Just want to say thank you for whoever bought supper for my husband and I at County Line on Friday night. Thank you very much and God bless you.

    Cluttered roadway
    Is there no ordinance in Carroll County against cluttering up our countryside? The mess along Glendale Road near Faddis Hill is an eye sore, not only to the people who live here, but visitors entering Galax. There is a law against littering. Shouldn’t there be a rule applying to this situation, too?