• Readers Hotline 6/20/18

    It takes an idiot

  • Readers Hotline 6/18/18

    Come and see
    I’m still calling about that mess in the Spring Valley Road area. I don’t know how you get anyone to even come and look at it. It should be the health department’s job to come and get this straightened out. Where is our Providence member of the board of supervisors?

    Asking for money

  • Readers Hotline 6/11/18

    Antiques or junk?
    To the person so concerned about the junk on Spring Valley Road, how about if you just tend to your property and let these people tend to theirs? They’re probably law-abiding taxpayers and they can have anything they want out there. Besides, don’t you know, it’s not junk anymore, it’s restorable antiques. Remember that. Why not just live and let live? That’s all I’ve got to say.

    Dust and mud

  • Readers Hotline 6/6/18

    Reversing the flow

  • Readers Hotline 6/4/18

    Todd in a loincloth
    I may be calling a little too late for this, but I was wondering if you had a grand marshal for the Fourth of July parade this year. If not, I wanted to suggest columnist Todd Jennings, but he has to dress as Tarzan, and Lawn Mower Babe can be Jane, and Mongo can be Boy. I hope you print this and I hope Todd gets a lot of votes to be the grand marshal as Tarzan.

    Mix it yourself

  • Readers Hotline 5/30/18

    Bring it back
    For the person who stole my purple metal hummingbird off of my mailbox post, I wanted to say thank you. I really hope you enjoy it. By the way, it was a gift from my grandkids and if you have a heart, you will bring it back and put it back where it belongs.

    Here’s your wallet

  • Readers Hotline 5/28/18

    No requirement

  • Readers Hotline 5/23/18

    Kudos and shame
    I would just like to comment on the story on Destiny Mallory in your [May 14] paper. If that girl can do what she did, everybody else can find their place in the world and make the world a whole lot better. Another thing I’d like to say, I would like to see the City of Galax take over the Monta Vista Cemetery.

    Carried out

  • Readers Hotline 5/21/18

    Shelter praise

  • Calling all Hotline callers

    The Gazette did not receive enough Hotline calls this week to run the column in this week’s editions.

    We can’t believe we just typed that.

    It never happens, but here we are.

    Maybe everyone’s potholes were filled and the government didn’t do anything dumb this week.

    Is the spring weather so nice that everyone is too happy to call? Or, did spring bring so much pollen that our regular callers are too sedated on Benadryl?

    It can’t be that you ran out of topics to discuss.