• Readers Hotline 2/18/19

    Wonderful night
    I’d like to thank Gene and his wife at Fries Jubilee for such a nice Valentine’s party last night. They have such a nice dance floor and we really had a good time. They worked hard to decorate it, had all kinds of food and that takes work. I really want to thank him and thank the good band we had. They was just wonderful last night to everyone.

    History fan

  • Readers Hotline 2/13/19

    Where does it end?
    We recently had friends in from out of state. They commented that most places tell you when a school zone ends. Not so for the Town of Independence. The whole town is evidently a school zone that continues out of town as it never tells you when it stops.

    Vicious cycle

  • Readers Hotline 2/11/19

    Too many snow days
    Grayson County Schools, what is your problem? You cancel school when it’s not necessary. If you want off days, just take them. You could go to school in the summer, stay home in the winter. Guess the sun would be too hot or it would rain too much. I’m sure you would have an excuse to stay home. It is the children that will suffer not going to school. The parents can take them shopping on snow and icy days. Why not parents take them to school? Most kids has bus pickup about a few feet from the road.

  • Readers Hotline 2/6/19

    Why now?
    Trump has been in office for two years. Why is he wanting the wall now? Why did he wait until the Democrats got control of Congress to push for the wall? Five billion dollars could help a lot of homeless and sick people. Why should he burden the American taxpayers when [his] campaign promise was Mexico would pay for the bill?

    Pick ‘em up

  • Readers Hotline 2/4/19

    Look to the east
    If Trump wants a wall, tell him to move to China.

    Fake drugs

  • Readers Hotline 1/30/19

    See how you like it
    Are you serious? A handful of Republicans, probably men, don’t want to pass ERA in Virginia. Talk about old-fashioned. I think it’s time for women to turn the tide and tell the men what they can do and not do with their bodies. See how they like it. Thank God for all you decent men out there who realize we were all made in the image of God.

  • Readers Hotline 1/28/19

    Wall call
    I see where a lady wrote in about the border wall would do more harm than good. She apparently don’t know anything about a border wall, because the Chinese wall and the German walls did help to hold back their enemies while they fought. Anybody that put that in there has not watched nothing but fake news, they don’t know how the wall is even built, so they shouldn’t put things in there like that, because she don’t know anything about anything like that. Just what she’s seen on TV. That’s my opinion.

  • Readers Hotline 1/23/19

    Wet roads

  • Readers Hotline 1/21/19

    Cost questions
    I was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions for me. How much has been spent by the Democrats investigating Donald Trump’s charges and where do they think the $5 billion would go if we did build a wall? I feel like it would go directly back into the American economy and it would be a good thing. We need it.

  • Readers Hotline 1/16/19

    No business