• Readers Hotline 9/19/18

    Great cut
    I’d like to talk about a woman in a beauty shop in Hillsville. I was in the Town of Hillsville last week and decided to get my hair cut. I went in and she cut it and she fixed it a little bit and when I looked in the mirror, I was surprised she made me look like I was back when I was 17 years old, the way I wore my hair, and I’m in my 70s now. She really done a good job and I want her to keep it up. For $13, you should come out looking good instead of getting home and they messed up this and that. God bless you.

  • Readers Hotline 9/17/18

    What’s fee for?
    I was just sitting here reading [the call] “Get to the bottom of it” about the flood drain pipes on Givens Street. We just wonder what’s happening to the tax money that they’re taking $18 a year for each piece of property for that purpose and we don’t see no pipe being put down and we don’t seen none being cleaned out. We just wonder what’s happened to the money.

  • Readers Hotline 9/12/18

    Willing to help
    There’s no use getting upset about people that abuse children only getting a little bit of time in a jail cell. There’s too many people that are willing to help them get their way. You people support pedophiles, you help them out all the time, you can’t expect the court to do any different. They need that money, too.

    We need each other

  • Readers Hotline 9/10/18

    Too hot to learn?
    I keep seeing where schools in surrounding areas shut down early due to the extreme heat. Galax schools keep their kids in all day and I understand the heat in the classrooms is 90 to 100 degrees. How can kids and teachers focus in conditions like this? Maybe the superintendent should put his heat at 100 degrees and see if he can work in conditions like that.


  • Readers Hotline 9/5/18

    Full up
    [A Galax business] on Stuart Drive needs a cleaner other than once a week. That’s not enough. Trash cans overflowing.

    History lesson

  • Readers Hotline 9/3/18

    Pulling the plow
    At my age, my anger is now gentle. I have always pulled the plow. It was always necessary and never glamorous and when I am gone, who will pull this plow? Work is not demeaning; it is the meaning of life. “Mailbox Money” was earned by people like me who will not last nor will I. I say this with deep regret.

    Open minded

  • Readers Hotline 8/29/18

    Here’s to the one who keeps saying Trump lies: Trump’s not lying. He’s trying to do everything he said he was going to do. Obama and the Clintons are the liars. I would like to know in the eight years Obama was president what did he accomplish that helped the American people? I think some of the deadbeats are afraid they’re going to have to go back to work. We are pleased to have a president like Trump.

    Pretty boy

  • Readers Hotline 8/22/18

    Get what you pay for
    How are you going to stay in a dumpy motel and then complain about the service and the cleanliness? Don’t you know that a decent hotel costs about $100 per night and you get what you pay for. If you pay $40 or $50 then of course you’re going to get a dump.

    Today I went home for lunch. I live just above [a fitness center] and it sounded like I lived next to a bar. I don’t know what kind of party is going on, but it was loud. What is going on down there?

  • Readers Hotline 8/20/18

    You’ll regret it

  • Readers Hotline 8/15/18

    Good neighbors