• Reader's Hotline 9/11/19

    Fed up

  • Reader's Hotline 9/9/19

    Independents needed
    I was calling about the letter to the editor about Jim Barker [a candidate running for the House of Delegates 6th District seat]. If we have an independent person to vote in over [incumbent Republican Jeff Campbell], maybe we need to try some independent folks instead of all either Republican or Democrat and see if we can get things going again. Our country is in bad shape.

    Tethered too long

  • Reader's Hotline 9/4/19


  • Reader's Hotline 9/2/19

    I’m not real sure who the lady was who was playing the guitar at the Galax National Night Out, but she did a fantastic job. I just wanted to somehow get her word of how much we enjoyed her performance. Very good, and thanks again to Galax for having the National Night Out. It was an enjoyable time for me and my family. Thanks again.
    Editor’s note: Marte Maney was the guitar player you enjoyed. We hope she sees your call!

    Not Christian

  • Reader's Hotline 8/28/19

    On the lookout
    People on [unsure what the caller said; possibly “Milligan Street”] need to be on the lookout for a lady driving a Virginia car or a North Carolina car sitting and watching houses down next to the park where the kids play. She may be trying to look at houses to break into or something, but be on the lookout.

    Scheduling conflict

  • Reader's Hotline 8/26/19

    No influence

  • Reader's Hotline 8/21/19

    Report theft
    Why do you advertise that coupons are in the paper? Even in the last week, there haven’t been any coupons at all, and also the Wednesday paper does not have the grocery circulars. I was wondering why.

  • Reader's Hotline 8/19/19

    Flawed system
    I’m curious about the school’s new registration system. I thought they bought a new system for registration by the same outfit that has PowerSchool. I know that other districts have dropped PowerSchool because it erases the grades or just makes it inoperable so teachers can’t even take roll. So, why are they getting a system that’s flawed?

    Not Christian

  • Reader's Hotline 8/14/19

    Simple choice
    Someone stated in the Hotline that they could not understand how anyone could support our president. Well, I don’t understand how anyone could support a party who wants socialism, full-term abortions, the New Green Deal and on and on. This seems to be the Dems’ plan for our country. Looks like Bernie and all the rest have fared pretty well under capitalism. We have a choice; socialism or capitalism. The choice is simple for me. Support our president and keep America strong or go socialist and lose it all.

  • Reader's Hotline 8/7/19

    Endless cycle