• Readers Hotline 5/22/19

    I live in Galax and ain’t never called, but I do have a concern. I go to the Crossroads Institute quite often to use the computers and read and never hear or see the director ever going anywhere to try to get something in the Wildwood park. That’s mine and your tax dollars at work. I pay my taxes and expect something. Maybe our new [city] council member can get things straight and I am so thankful for the Crossroads Institute. It is a wonderful facility for our folks.

  • Readers Hotline 5/20/19

    Keep to your lot

  • Readers Hotline 5/15/19

    2020 prediction

  • Readers Hotline 5/13/19

    After reading The Gazette article titled “Annual report reveals Galax crime statistics,” I call for a recount.
    Editor’s note: The article was about the Galax Police Department’s annual report about arrests and accomplishments from 2018.

    Back to paper

  • Readers Hotline 5/6/19

    Get it straight
    Last time Obama was in there, they don’t remember how everybody lost their jobs and stuff like that, so I don’t know what some people think about. They just don’t get their stuff straight when they turn it loose, I reckon, like me.

    Moral truth

  • Readers Hotline 4/29/19

    Any advice?
    Can anyone tell me who to contact in reference to fixing or filling in any openings for air spaces that are between the house and the foundation, or what can I buy to do the job myself?

    Help her out

  • Readers Hotline 4/24/19

    Good doctor
    I have a good doctor in Fries. Well, I looked in the phone book and there is very many, many, many, many, many doctors. If you’re not happy with your doctor, go to another one. But don’t run down our doctor in Fries. She’s a very good doctor. I would put her in the grade of maybe 9, 9.5 of 10. Just let this person know they can get any doctor they want, but they might have to drive 10 miles.


  • Readers Hotline 4/22/19

    Too late
    Once again Galax schools don’t get out till mid-June, which is later than adjoining school divisions. This cuts into students’ summer vacations and jobs. The school schedule shutting down two weeks in fall and again two weeks in winter is wasteful and time better spent in school than attending in June. I would hope next year there would be changes in the shutdown weeks to allow students to get out by early June. Thank you.

  • Readers Hotline 4/17/19

    There is a destroyed mobile home park that has set abandoned for years just outside the city limits, and I was wondering why the owner is not made to clean this up. It is an eyesore for all the residents and for the town in general. Maybe if you have a special relationship with somebody in the city, things like this can be overlooked. That’s all.

    Not the place

  • Readers Hotline 4/15/19

    Deer Galax...
    Attention city manager and city council of Galax. Elkin and Jonesboro of North Carolina, I understand, are killing deer in those urban areas because citizens have complained that they cannot have gardens, flowers, shrubs, etc. Can we get something done here in Galax?

    Early trim