Today's News

  • Two registered for town election

    HILLSVILLE — Two candidates so far have gathered enough petitions to be on the ballot for the spring elections in Hillsville, according to the Carroll County Voter Registrar’s Office.
    Billie Taylor will run for mayor, according to Kim Cloud, general registrar.
    Billy Walls Sr. will seek re-election as the representative for the Sulphur Springs ward.
    Several others have picked up petitions at the registrar’s office and more candidates are expected, Cloud said.

  • Zoning referendum bill meeting postponed

    RICHMOND – A meeting between Sen. Bill Carrico (R-Fries) and the Grayson County Board of Supervisors, which was supposed to decide the fate of a zoning referendum bill last Tuesday, has been postponed.
    The supervisors want voters to decide if the county should keep or repeal its zoning ordinance. They voted 3-2 to seek General Assembly approval for a referendum on the ballot this November.

  • Citizen continues to question Carroll PSA

    HILLSVILLE — As Carroll County’s appeal to get back $267,000 in Rural Development funding for the Fancy Gap sewer project continues, a citizen says Public Service Authority documents show that federal officials did not know about the Joy Ranch Road extension.
    Rural Development clawed back $267,000 in funding  \ though county officials have indicated $280,000  \ after the county utilities authority failed to do a preliminary engineering report and an environmental report for the sewer line extension that went beyond the Fancy Gap area.

  • Vets treat Parvo virus outbreak

    Since the beginning of January, veterinarians across the Twin Counties have seen a disturbing number of dogs develop symptoms of Parvo, an extremely contagious and sometimes fatal illness.
    After seeing several cases of Parvo crop up in recent weeks, they are warning the community to protect their four-legged family members by keeping them up to date on vaccinations, and learning what signs to watch out for in case further medical attention is needed.

  • Training center protection bill set aside

    RICHMOND — Many bills introduced by local representatives in the General Assembly have been falling by the wayside, including an effort to protect Virginia’s training centers from closing.

  • Between class and home, kids find afterschool cool

    Elementary and middle school children meet up at the Galax Recreation Center’s fourth floor gymnasium after school for fun activities and homework help.

  • Fix zoning instead of repealing it

    John S. Fant of Independence has a background in project and mission planning from his time in the military.

  • Superintendents speak out on education budget

    RICHMOND – Virginia’s school superintendents say that former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s budget plan to increase public education funding looks good on the surface, “it is far short of adequate.”
    The school chiefs issued a statement last month in reaction to the outgoing governor’s proposal for an additional $515.3 million in education money for the next two years.

  • Suspect in teen runaway case deported

    HILLSVILLE — A 23-year-old man charged in Galax last March for contributing to the delinquency of a minor in a runaway case has been deported, according to Hillsville Police Chief Greg Bolen.
    Carlos Enrique Reyna was sought by police for several days in 2013 after a 15-year-old juvenile disappeared from home.

  • Indictments unsealed in Carroll

    HILLSVILLE — The Carroll County Circuit Court recently released a number of unsealed indictments.
    An indictment is a formal charge, not a finding of guilt. Indictments are typically sealed by the court until the persons named within can be served with warrants.
    Those named in the unsealed indictments include:
    • Oran Miles Mabe - possession of methamphetamine, a schedule II drug
    • MacKenzie Fallon Gunsaulis - possession of meth and possession of a firearm while in possession of a schedule II drug