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  • Carroll opposes I-81 fuel tax plan

    HILLSVILLE – Though Interstate 81 doesn’t pass through Carroll, the county is among those included in an area targeted for higher state fuel taxes to pay for improvements to the heavily traveled highway.

    County officials on Monday night took a position to promote the interests of local taxpayers by passing a resolution opposing recent legislation implemented by the Virginia General Assembly at the beginning of the 2019-2020 fiscal year, imposing additional fuel taxes to pay for various improvement projects on sections of the I-81 corridor.

  • Reader's Hotline 8/14/19

    Simple choice
    Someone stated in the Hotline that they could not understand how anyone could support our president. Well, I don’t understand how anyone could support a party who wants socialism, full-term abortions, the New Green Deal and on and on. This seems to be the Dems’ plan for our country. Looks like Bernie and all the rest have fared pretty well under capitalism. We have a choice; socialism or capitalism. The choice is simple for me. Support our president and keep America strong or go socialist and lose it all.

  • Two rescued from river in Fries

    FRIES — Members of the Fries Volunteer Fire and Rescue recently assisted in the water rescue of two individuals who were stranded in the middle of the New River for an hour after losing their inner tube.

    According to a report from Fries Fire Chief Chad Stanley, first responders were called July 31 after a resident on Riverview Avenue heard two individuals shouting for help from the river. On arrival, responders discovered that two individuals were trapped out in the water.

  • Council talks paving, SRO, golf carts, budget

    The Virginia Department of Transportation has agreed to award funding for paving projects the city applied for.

    Galax City Manager Keith Barker said the funding totals $338,972, with no local match. VDOT approved money to pay for paving portions of South Main Street and all of North Main Street, and the westbound lane of East Stuart Drive from the intersection at McDonald’s to Gillespie Lane.

  • Rescue squads receive life-saving devices

    FRIES – The Fries Rescue Squad and the Elk Creek Rescue Squad recently received grant funds to purchase CPR-assisting devices.

    The equipment, called Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System (LUCAS) devices, are automated chest compression units that reduce the amount of manpower needed to perform adequate CPR at the scene of a cardiac arrest call.

  • Wildwood loses tenant to Wythe

    A recent business deal gone south has left the Wildwood Commerce Park in Carroll County without its only business tenant.

    In June 2018, local officials announced the park had finally landed its first tenant after seven years in development — local trucking company S&S Transporters planned to build a $5.2 million, 5-acre facility that was to open June 30, 2019.

    But, over a year later and behind schedule, Wildwood is back at square one.

  • Grayson police pursuit ends with arrest

    A man who attempted to elude multiple law enforcement agencies Wednesday night was caught after a chase that started on U.S. 58 and ended on Mockingbird Lane around 10 p.m., according to Virginia State Police Sgt. S. Todd.

    Todd said that Trooper R.B. Phipps saw a vehicle being driven by Vernon Bartlett, 60, of Baywood, traveling west in an eastbound lane on 58 out in the Baywood area of Grayson County.

  • Former Galax school chief remembered

    ROCKY MOUNT — Sam Cook began his job as superintendent of Galax City Schools in 1996, the same year that the Galax High School class of 2009 started kindergarten.

    When he retired from Galax 13 years later, he joked that “I plan to graduate with them,” joining those students in tackling the next phases of their lives.

    Cook ended a 42-year career when he left Galax, having served as a teacher, principal and administrator in several districts of Virginia.

  • Reader's Hotline 8/7/19

    Endless cycle

  • Galax working on flood fixes

    After last year’s late summer flooding, the City of Galax has taken short-term measures to prevent future problems, but City Manager Keith Barker says long-term work still needs to be done.

    In 2018, three major rain events occurred. A 50-year storm on Sept. 8-9 deposited 5.4 inches of rainfall over 6.5 hours; a 2-year storm on Sept. 16-17 deposited 4.3 inches over 43 hours; and a 5-year storm on Oct. 10 deposited 3.87 inches of rainfall over 12 hours.