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  • Tractor-trailers wreck in separate Carroll incidents

    Two tractor-trailer accidents last weekend fortunately left no injuries, but caused a total of about $18,500 in public property damage, according to reports filed by Virginia State Trooper C.H. Campbell.

    An accident on Faddis Hill in the Woodlawn community of Carroll County at 5 a.m. on Sept. 6 resulted in a fuel spill.

  • Students banned from dance after posting racist sign

    HILLSVILLE – Two students at Carroll County High School have been barred from attending this year’s homecoming after their social media post showed them holding a racially offensive sign.

    The photo spread quickly on social media, causing outrage among many people posting about it Tuesday night.

    The sign was part of a new trend among highschoolers, who are sending “promposals,” photos or videos extending an invitation to prom (or in this case, a homecoming dance) to their desired date.

  • Reader's Hotline 9/11/19

    Fed up

  • Homicide suspect scolded for outburst

    HILLSVILLE — An outburst in the courtroom during a preliminary hearing for a murder charge caused tempers to flare on Sept. 6.

    The exchange was between murder suspect Codie Nathanial Fletcher and family members of the victim, Alexandra Dare Taylor, 20. The suspect shouted to her family members as he left the courtroom, claiming he didn’t kill Taylor.

  • Anderson served as firefighter for 55 years

    If you referred to the late, beloved Fielden H. Anderson, who passed away Sept. 8 at age 86, by that name, you’d get a puzzled look. Few in Galax would have known who you meant.

    If, however, you called him “Tater,” the nickname that served him since birth, confusion would dissolve into a grin. Following that, there’d be chuckles and stories about him that went on and on for hours, especially from his fellow Galax Volunteer Fire Department firefighters.

  • Police hold neighborhood cookout

    You might see some police officers holding a cookout in your neighborhood if you live in Galax, and if so, chances are you’re invited.

    As shown here on Sunday afternoon at the Rosenwald-Felts School, the Galax Police Department is using a grant from Walmart to create low-key, fun events that will help the police and community come together and get to know one another better.

    About 40 people showed up for this one, according to Chief DeWitt Cooper.

  • Reader's Hotline 9/9/19

    Independents needed
    I was calling about the letter to the editor about Jim Barker [a candidate running for the House of Delegates 6th District seat]. If we have an independent person to vote in over [incumbent Republican Jeff Campbell], maybe we need to try some independent folks instead of all either Republican or Democrat and see if we can get things going again. Our country is in bad shape.

    Tethered too long

  • Galax overwhelms Martinsville

    An aggressive defense and red-hot running game made a big difference in the home opener for Galax, which whipped winless Martinsville 51-25 in a nondistrict game Friday in Galax.

  • Cavs stop Devils, 21-20

    HILLSVILLE –– As Grayson County drove toward a potential winning touchdown Friday night, Carroll County was presented with several opportunities to make a game-saving stop. It took the Blue Devils reaching the end zone for the Cavaliers to make their stand.

  • Four charged with drug possession

    Staff Report

    The Galax Police Department recently logged four arrests for drug possession.

    On Aug. 27, Officer Eduardo Mata was dispatched to area of Wilson Avenue for reports of a male in a vehicle without the owners’ permission.

    Mata detained Trey A. Austin, 27, of Dobson, N.C., while he spoke to the owner of the vehicle. According to the report, Austin stated the he had permission to sit in the vehicle from the owner’s boyfriend, Cory M. Meredith, 26, of Cana.