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  • Something To Do from 7-6-2018


    Twin County Cinema III, Galax, (276) 236-7469, www.southeastcinemas.com.

    • Ant-Man and the Wasp (PG-13)

    • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (PG-13)

    • Incredibles 2 (PG)


  • Public Record from 7-4-2018

    Editor’s Note: This information is taken from open court records and is a matter of public record. The listings are complete.

    The newspaper, as a matter of fairness, will not honor requests to omit any listing. For additional information on this column or questions, call 236-5178, ext. 213.

    District Court

    These sentences were recorded in April in the Carroll County General District Court Office, Hillsville. Sentences may be appealed:

  • Mayor selection raises questions

    Willie Greene refused to accept a nomination for reappointment as Galax’s vice mayor at Monday night’s Galax City Council meeting, after he was earlier nominated to serve as mayor.

    Questions arose over voting procedure, and Mayor C.M. Mitchell — who was reappointed — said later he had intended to support Greene if he was nominated as mayor.

    Council members choose the city’s mayor and vice mayor from among themselves.

    Greene has been on council since 1994, and vice mayor since 2000.

  • Board again confronted over utility non-user fee

    HILLSVILLE – Citizens continued to demand answers from the Carroll County Board of Supervisors over collection of utility non-user fees during the July 9 meeting.

    Following up on concerns stated during the previous meeting, citizen Ray Melton opened the discussion with comments about digging a water well when county water was previously unavailable, noting that the county has now begun running water lines on the street where he lives.

  • Suspect sought in motel larceny

    Staff Report

    HILLSVILLE — The Hillsville Police Department is seeking the public’s help identifying a suspect who allegedly stole money from behind the counter of the Comfort Inn at Interstate 77 on June 6.

    Police have posted photos on social media, taken by a security camera around 3:30 a.m., showing the suspect. Investigator Alan Gravley said the person allegedly took $320 in cash.

    Anyone with any information can contact Gravley at (276) 728-2251, extension 305.

  • Fries Town Council swears in members

    FRIES — Following the May election, Fries Town Council members — including new member Frances Annette Boone — were sworn in during this month’s council meeting.

    The ceremony was conducted by Grayson County Circuit Court Clerk Susan Herrington.

    Fries Town Council elections were straightforward this year, with seven candidates running to fill seven seats. Boone will replace former council member Gary Sumner, who did not appear on the ballot.

  • Readers Hotline 7/9/18

    Baywood questions
    I was calling about that Baywood School closing. They just think it is about the school but what about the people – where they vote at? And the Baywood Ruritans, are they still going to be, and is the school going to be tore down? There are a lot of questions I think the school board ought to have known before they voted to shut that school down. There is more to it and I think there is an ulterior motive.

  • Ducks Amok!

    The Great Galax Duck Race of 2018 took place at 10 a.m. on July 4, starting at the bridge next to the Vaughan-Bassett Furniture factory and ending in Chestnut Creek next to CVS with the capture of almost 4,000 felonious fowl by the Galax Volunteer Fire Department.

    For weeks, a flock of yellow rubber dastardly drakes have terrorized Galax and environs with their criminal activity. The malicious mallards would stop at nothing — peddling stale bread, obscene duck calls, ripping off mattress tags — to flout the law and disturb the peace.

  • Citizens protest Carroll's non-user fee

    HILLSVILLE ― Several citizens spoke out regarding mandated “non-user” fees for utilities at the Carroll County Board of Supervisors; meeting in June.

    Despite hearing accusations of “Communism, extortion and discrimination” and similar sentiments, supervisors for the most part listened to the complaints without response.

    These topics remain open for discussion between Carroll citizens and county government for the meeting set for tonight, Monday.

  • Grayson schools fully accredited

    INDEPENDENCE — All eight schools in Grayson County have received full accreditation for the 2017-18 school year.

    They came close a few times, said Schools Superintendent Kelly Wilmore, but this is a milestone that the division hasn’t been met for seven years.

    Wilmore and the Grayson County School Board commended teachers and staff, administrators, parents and students, following the news.