Local News

  • H.E.R.O. Day planned for May 3

    HILLSVILLE — Citizens can witness first-hand all the work that goes into serving as a police, fire, rescue and 911 dispatcher by attending H.E.R.O. Day on May 3 at Carroll County Recreation Park.
    Civilians will even be able to participate in the emergency-themed obstacle course and 5K run, according to organizers.
    H.E.R.O. stands for Hearts Empowered to Rescue Others.

  • Town recaps 2013 accomplishments

    INDEPENDENCE — Independence Town Manager Jerry Hughes recently recapped town activities and accomplishments in 2013.
    The main focus for the year was on improvements to the town’s water lines and the recent installation of new water meters. The town’s public works department reported that the new meters have also had their share of problems, with about 20 of the 350 new meters being frozen and destroyed by the sub-zero temperatures during the winter.

  • Carroll voters to use new paper ballot system

    HILLSVILLE – Carroll County voters will soon have a new system of voting – paper ballots.
    It all started in 2007 when the General Assembly banned local governments from buying touch-screen machines when it came time to replace existing electronic systems. They also wanted a system that would provide a paper trail.
    Carroll County Registrar Kim Cloud said the county started using the touch-screen machines in 2005.

  • Garner seeks re-election to city council

    Five candidates will compete for four seats on the Galax City Council this year, and included in the mix will be veteran council member John Garner.
    Garner has served for two terms on city council, and is hoping that this year will mark the start of his third.

  • Candidates compete for seat in Laurel Fork

    HILLSVILLE — While the challenger for Hillsville Town Council believes that the Laurel Fork ward needs a new voice, the incumbent says he has the experience to do the job.
    Both newcomer Nancy Beasley and incumbent Greg Yonce will appear on the ballot for the Laurel Fork ward seat in the May 6 municipal elections.

    Nancy Beasley
    “I truly believe the Laurel Fork district needs a new voice,” Beasley said in a written statement in response to candidate questions from The Gazette.

  • Zoning hearing set for Tuesday

    INDEPENDENCE — The Grayson Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Tuesday on all of the proposed changes to the county’s zoning ordinance.
    Commission members will gather citizen comments on the draft ordinance before presenting it to the Grayson County Board of Supervisors. The board will vote on whether to adopt the revised ordinance at its May 8 meeting.

  • Virginia 620 widening project begins


  • Troutdale considers canceling election

    TROUTDALE – A May 6 election for seats on Troutdale Town Council will still be held this year, after some discussion about whether to cancel the election last week.
    According to Grayson County Registrar Cody Wingate, the current council had considered canceling the election, after realizing that the town’s charter was amended by the General Assembly in March 2012 to state that “members of council shall serve for terms of four years,” instead of two.

  • Stormwater fee no longer part of city's budget plan

    Galax City Manager Keith Barker is confident that the 2014-2015 city budget will allow the city to move forward with a number of projects next fiscal year, without placing the burden of added fees or raised taxes on the community.
    A notable example in this year’s budget was the city stormwater program.
    The state-mandated program was introduced last year, and city officials believed the only way to pay for work to address these flooding and run-off problems was to charge citizens a stormwater fee.

  • Governor amends bills to add catch

    RICHMOND — In the shadow of the ongoing budget showdown, Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been busy signing deadline bills — with a twist.
    The Democratic governor has quietly amended at least 11 bills — mostly Republican — so they wouldn’t take effect until Virginia has a budget, an assertion of authority by McAuliffe.