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  • Car runs into nursing home


    A 2002 Subaru Forester driven by Lona Lineberry crashed into a brick retaining wall at Waddell Nursing & Rehab Center’s Painter Street entrance at 9:20 a.m. on Feb. 6, according to Galax Police Capt. James Cox.

    Lineberry, while traveling south on Painter Street, attempted to pull into a parking space, said Cox, when she hit the wall. Cox said that she told police she had been having some difficulty with the vehicle’s brakes.

    Estimated damage to the wall was $5,000 and to the vehicle was $2,000, Cox said.

  • TeamHealth to manage hospital's ER

    Twin County Regional Hospital announced a new partnership related to its emergency department that was effective Feb. 1.

    The hospital said it is committed to exceptional medical care by partnering with TeamHealth, one of the nation’s leading providers of emergency department staffing and management services.

    TeamHealth will manage a core group of community-based emergency physicians for the department. Patients will be treated by high-quality emergency care providers while benefiting from programs and services offered by TeamHealth.

  • ANTHEM DATA BREACH: What you need to know

    Tens of millions of Americans could be victims of the latest corporate data breach, this one at Anthem Insurance. Unknown hackers apparently stole personal identifying information from current and former Anthem customers, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and other information that can be used for identity theft.

    Anthem has set up a separate website with information on the breach, but the Better Business Bureau recommends that consumers always go to a company’s main website first and follow links from there.

  • Grayson near top in job creation for 2014

    By DON RICHESON, Staff

    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson County finished second in job creation per capita for calendar year 2014 out of all 95 counties and 36 independent cities in Virginia.

    That’s according to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s Virginia Announcements of Employment Creation and Capital Investment’s 2014 End of Year Report released last month.

    Leading the commonwealth in 2014 and finishing just slightly ahead of Grayson County was Appomattox County.

  • Bill targets civil forfeitures that fund police

    RICHMOND — A bill moving through the General Assembly could eliminate a legal process that brings in millions of dollars for law enforcement agencies, but which critics say allows the government to confiscate property unfairly.

    HB 1287, sponsored by Del. Mark Cole (R-Spotsylvania), would end civil asset forfeitures — state legal proceedings that allow police to keep property seized from criminal suspects. The process rankles civil liberties advocates because such seizures can occur without a criminal conviction.

  • Vehicle plows into nursing home

    A gold Subaru Forester crashed into the Painter Street entrance to Waddell Nursing & Rehab Center in Galax on Friday morning.

    According to the Galax Police Department, the driver sustained no apparent injury, and said she was fine.

    The vehicle also appeared largely undamaged.

    The crash knocked over a section of brick wall and blocked one side of a brick porch's stairway with debris.

    More information will be posted as it becomes available.

  • Senate committee puts hold on gun bills

    RICHMOND — The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday declined to advance the only Democratic gun control bill to make it through a committee.

    SB943, sponsored by Sen. Barbara Favola (D-Arlington) would prohibit people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or assault on a family member from owning a firearm for at least a year.

  • Fire on Kenbrook leaves no one harmed

    A fire on Kenbrook Drive in Galax left some personal property damage Tuesday night, but nobody injured, according to Galax Assistant Fire Chief Mark Burnett.

    According to Burnett, firefighters were sent out at 7:43 p.m. When they arrived, they found approximately 10 people in the yard, only one of whom spoke English. “They were hysterical,” said Burnett, “The smoke was coming out from under the eaves. They said they were in town, and they came back and found the fire. The daddy went in and used bathtub water to put the fire out.”

  • Bill would require sex offenders to give notice before coming to schools

    RICHMOND — The House of Delegates passed a bill Tuesday requiring a public hearing before a sex offender can obtain permission to be on school grounds.

    The bill is sponsored by Del. Jeff Campbell (R-Smyth), whose 6th District includes part of Carroll County.

  • Family seeks justice for dog's shooting

    FANCY GAP — The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and a Fancy Gap family are searching for information to locate an unknown suspect that came onto the family’s property and killed their dog by shooting her in the chest.

    According to Sheriff J.B. Gardner and investigating officer Josh Carlan, this isn’t the first time they have been called to investigate an animal death in that area. “This happened to another dog earlier in the summer, roughly in the same spot,” Gardner said on Wednesday.