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  • Sheriff's office looks back at 2018 activities

    Staff Report

    It has been decades since locomotives were the lifeblood of commerce in Southwest Virginia, but the route once taken by the Norfolk & Southern railway is still the path of a powerful economic engine.

  • State parks pump millions into local economy

    It has been decades since locomotives were the lifeblood of commerce in Southwest Virginia, but the route once taken by the Norfolk & Southern railway is still the path of a powerful economic engine.

  • Galax to hold special election in 2019

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    Well ahead of time for Galax’s local November elections, Voter Registrar Stacey Reavis has put together packets of information about running for vacancies on city council for citizens who would like to do so.

    In the November 2019 general election, there will be a special election for two Galax City Council seats.

    For the seat vacated by former council member Ches Helmick, who resigned last August, the filing deadline for this position is June 11 at 7 p.m.

  • New law seeks to treat pets more humanely

    Capital News Service

    RICHMOND — The saying goes “a dog is man’s best friend” — and that’s exactly what Sen. Lionell Spruill said he wanted when he was a boy. When he couldn’t have a pet, he began to notice how some dogs in his neighborhood were mistreated — left out overnight and in extreme weather.

    The Democratic senator from Chesapeake said those memories prompted his bill to regulate the tethering of animals and improve their shelter conditions. SB 1025 passed the Senate, 29-11.

  • PSA member questions work orders

    HILLSVILLE — At its Feb. 11 meeting, a Carroll County Public Service Authority (PSA) member questioned how the authority handles work orders.

    The Laurel Fork District’s Garry Jessup asked about work order protocols, and how the PSA tracks how much time is spent on projects.

    “For example, if [someone] has a water leak, how to fix that?” Jessup asked. “Do you write out a work order or do you just tell [PSA maintenance crews] to go do it or what?”

  • Old school meets tomorrow's tech

    BAYWOOD — An old Chinese proverb states that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and for the up-and-coming Baywood Technology Center — a growing initiative that will span multiple counties and involve a growing number of partners — the spark began with a single meeting.

  • Foster families needed in Galax

    Galax is experiencing a foster care crisis, according to Department of Social Services (DSS) Director Tammy Smith, but an event this Sunday may help alleviate the problem, if citizens get involved.

    Foster care is the DSS service called on when children have to be placed somewhere outside their own home because their original family is unable to care for them. It relies on a willing and available population of families or households willing to take them in — and in Galax, that population is so full there’s no room left.

  • Bible class bill opposed by Baptists

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    RICHMOND — A local legislator’s bill to put Bible classes in Virginia schools has cleared one hurdle in the General Assembly, but faces opposition from a surprising source: Baptists.

    Sen. Bill Carrico (R-Grayson County) introduced SB 1502, which would allow local school boards to offer a high school elective course on the Old Testament and New Testament.

    The House of Delegates Education Committee approved the bill 13-9 on Wednesday, and it is now being considered in the House Appropriations Committee.

  • Arrests involve break-ins, shoplifting

    Staff Reports

    Four arrests of note occurred in Galax last week, according to a report issued by Galax Police Chief DeWitt Cooper.

    On Feb. 4, Sgt. Trevor Jefferson was dispatched to South Main Street in reference to suspicious activity in the area. Upon arrival, Jefferson spoke to an individual who advised there were three male subjects who had been in the back of a building and in a Ford Ranger with farm use tags. The subjects had left after being yelled at.

  • Ring of Honor

    If you’re not into athletics, specifically into wrestling, you might have driven right by the Ford Athletic Center on South Main Street in Galax and barely noticed it was there.

    The plain gray square-edged building, which formerly boasted a large garage, is now the home of a practice space for the Wrestling Club, comprised of Galax, Carroll, Grayson and Surry County, N.C. high school students (and for Galax High School wrestling team members), but in reality, it’s so much more.