• GHS Graduation 2014

    The Galax High School graduating class of 2014 had a gracious sendoff, with (mostly) obliging weather and a keynote speaker who not only passed through the same halls when she was their age, but also gave some unusual advice.

  • Grayson grads earn high school, college diplomas

    INDEPENDENCE — A graduating class of 136 students received diplomas on May 31 at Grayson County High School — and some have completed two years of community college already.

  • CCHS graduates embark on next phase of journey

    Families stood and clapped, snapped pictures and cried as the 302 students that made up Carroll County’s 2014 graduating class were led single file to their seats at Tommy Thompson Field on the morning of May 31.

    After a 13-year career, this was the day for the seniors to reflect on their shared journey, breathe a sigh of relief and start planning their adult lives.

  • Former coach convicted of corporal punishment

    WYTHEVILLE — Howard S. Ingo, a former football coach, teacher and administrator with Carroll County schools, was convicted of a “corporal punishment” violation, a Class 4 misdemeanor, and ordered to pay a fine of $100.

    Ingo appeared in the Wythe County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court on May 27 for a trial.

    According to news reports, Ingo allegedly made a football player wear chains across his chest and carry 50-pound weights while walking on the football field.

  • Galax delays new school decision

    Galax City Council has voted unanimously to hold over the request for a decision on the school board’s conditional use permit for a new school until September.
    In the meantime, council plans to meet with the school board and and continue discussions.
    The motion at council’s May 27 meeting also included an agreement consider other sites for a new elementary and middle school building.
    A related issue addressed at the council meeting was the alleged conflict of interest regarding members of the Galax Planning Commission.

  • Possible conflicts stall Galax school plan

    After a public hearing on building a new elementary school and athletic facilities, the Galax Planning Commission decided not to take action after it was brought to their attention that some members might have conflicts of interest because of their connections to the school system.
    About 20 people showed up for the hearing on May 20, eight of which registered to speak. After a brief welcome, School Superintendent Bill Sturgill stood up to address the topic of building the new elementary school and athletic facilities in a residential section of Galax.

  • School board questions laptop plan

    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson County School Board members on May 12 questioned student and teacher accountability in the digital conversion plan, which aims to supply a laptop computer to every student in grades 4-12 over the course of the next few years.
    Superintendent Kevin Chalfant said during his report that the division expects to put out bids for laptops soon and select a brand for the digital conversion.

  • New buses approved over objections

    INDEPENDENCE — The Grayson County Board of Supervisors plans to provide $75,000 above the required local effort to the Grayson County School Board in its fiscal year 2015 budget, falling far short of the school board’s requested $250,000.

  • Unpaid meal fees eat away at budget

    HILLSVILLE — A continuous abuse of Carroll County Public Schools’ student meal charges has forced officials to consider changing their sky’s-the-limit policy on school lunches.
    Finance Manager and School Board Clerk Tammy Quesenberry aired her concerns to the Carroll County School Board at the May 13 meeting, by explaining that the total outstanding balance for student meal charges grows more and more outrageous each year.

  • Whisenhunt is Grayson teacher of the year

    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson County Public Schools selected its 2014 Teacher of the Year from a pool of candidates from each of its schools.
    Crystal Whisenhunt, a teacher at Independence Elementary School for 14 years, was the recipient of the honor and a generous collection of donated gifts.