• Cockerhams to celebrate anniversary


    Bill and Betty Jo Cockerham


    to celebrate


    Bill and Betty Jo Cockerham of Baywood will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Aug. 31.

    They were married Aug. 31, 1958, at Mount Sinai Baptist Church in Pipers Gap.

    The late Rev. Fred Jennings officiated the ceremony. They were the first couple Rev. Jennings married.

    They have three children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

  • Hacklers celebrate 60th anniversary




    Earl Dean and Betty Ruth Hackler



    Hacklers celebrate

    60th anniversary



    Earl Dean and Betty Ruth Hackler celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary June 26.

    They were married at the Sparta, N.C., courthouse by b.F. Wagner Jr. on June 26, 1958.

    They live in Grayson County.

    They have three children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

  • Bryants celebrate 60 years






    Billie and Lola Bryant



  • Four generations







    First Picture:

    Seated is Porter Noblett, (88), who died two weeks after picture was taken. (From left) Judy Noblett Nelson, Ashley Nelson Rippey and Logan Edward Rippey.



    Second Picture:

    (From left) Judy Noblett Nelson, Ashley Nelson Rippey, Bonnie Perry Noblett and Logan Edward Rippey.




    Third Picture:

  • Lucas-Viars exchange vows



             (Leigh Ann Lucas)



    exchange vows


    Leigh Ann Lucas and Brandon Viars were married June 16 at Atkins Memorial United Methodist Church in Fries.

  • Sisters turn 5




    turn 5

    Sophie and Emma Bergeron turned age 5 on May 17. They are the daughters of Boo and Penny Bergeron and the sisters of Dana and Landon.

  • Stockner birthday

    He’s four

    Jonas Lynn Stockner turned age 4 on April 28. He celebrated with a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Jonas is the son of Zeth and Ashley Stockner. His grandparents are Tommy and Cherie Stockner and Junior and Tammey Osborne. His big brother is Jaxson Stockner.

  • Gillespie birthday

    She’s five

    Ember Gillespie celebrated her fifth birthday with a tea party on May 5. She is the daughter of Brock and Terri Gillespie. Ember’s older siblings are Brooklyn and Jackson. Her grandparents are Mark and Darlene Gillespie and Larry and Kathy Funk.

  • Gregory turns three


    Parker Gregory turned age 3 on Jan. 1 and celebrated his birthday at home with friends and family.Parker is the son of Jimmie and Whitney Gregory of Elk Creek. He is the grandson of Eddie and Brenda Ward of Independence and Frances Pierce of Brush Creek.

  • Ward turns four

    He’s four

    Luke Harvey Ward turned 4 years old on Jan. 28. He celebrated with a “Secret Life of Pets” pool party at Wythe Rec Center. He is the son of Kris and Mary Lynne Ward of Independence. He has three brothers: Braeden, Levi and Grayson. His grandparents are Harry Cox, Bo and Susan Moxley and Harvey and Jill Ward. His great-grandparents are Odell Moxley, Mary Jane Hollings-worth, Danna Ward, and Lacy and Dreama Bowman.