Zoning change paves way for medical clinic

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By Ben Bomberger, Reporter

INDEPENDENCE — Grayson County will have a new medical clinic across from Grayson Highlands School after supervisors approved a zoning change request Aug. 9.
The site previously hosted Young’s General Store which closed several years ago.
Troy Sage made the application to change the property located on Virginia 16 in Troutdale from rural farm to commercial use. He said the building has operated as commercial for 30 years but the zoning has always been rural farm.
Supervisor Mike Maynard clarified the reason for the incorrect zoning, stating that when the county adopted zoning the default was rural farm.
Even though the previous occupant was operating a business, if the owner didn’t apply to have the zoning changed, it would default to rural farm.
Supervisors opened the public hearing on the zoning request, but no comments were heard.
Following the hearing, Zoning Administrator Elaine Holton provided the board with a summary of the previous actions.
Holton said the planning commission recommends granting the request and that the rezoning met the goals and objectives of the county’s comprehensive plan.
She added that the county will “be pleased to have them in the community.”
The property has been zoned rural farm since zoning was enacted in 1998.
The application states that the medical practice will be the primary use of the building and that the hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.
According to the application, the site has a wide entrance to Troutdale Highway and the applicant is working with the Virginia Department of Transportation on the commercial entrance permit.
VDOT considers the entrance to be a low volume commercial entrance and does not anticipate any hurdles to the commercial entrance permit.
The county building official has already supported the proposed uses for the site and does not see any obstacles for the necessary permits, the application said.
The building will require minimal upgrades to facilitate a doctor’s office. A well and septic are already located at the site and are reported to be sufficient by the applicant.
Supervisors didn’t have much to say during discussion. Supervisor John Brewer noted that having a doctor’s office across the street from a school was “not exactly rocket science,” which seemed to indicate his support.
With no further comments, Brewer motioned to approve the application.
It was seconded by Maynard and approved unanimously.